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Mario Kart Tour’s Sunset Tour Now Live, Introduces Explorer Peach And Offroader Kart

Mario Kart Tour’s spooky Halloween Tour might be over, but the new Sunset Tour is just beginning. Running now until November 18, you’ll be able to race around and try to unlock the new Peach Explorer character and the rugged Offroader Kart.

The tracks you’ll be racing on for this Tour include Sunset Wilds, Mario Circuit R, Neo Bowser City T, and many more. Baby Rosalina is one of the free unlockables during the Sunset Tour – so make sure to log in before she’s gone.

There are several premium rewards to unlock – such as karts and gliders – but the main draw this month is Explorer Peach. Looking like she jumped out of an Indiana Jones film, Explorer Peach comes with the Bob-omb Cannon skill, letting you shoot bombs at nearby enemies. During a tight race, it’s a skill that’s bound to come in handy.

If you’d rather pick up a sporty new vehicle, you can try to unlock the Offroader Kart. A unique cross between a Jeep and an ATV, the Offroader Kart stands in stark contrast to most of the sleek, racecar-inpsired karts we’re used to seeing in Mario Kart Tour. It comes with the Jump Boost Plus ability, which lengthens your Jump Boost time.

As a Sunset Tour Gift, Gold Pass members can pick up the Jumping Mario Hanfuda for their monthly subscription.

Mario Kart Tour continues to thrive, despite competition from KartRider Rush+, an arguably superior game, although it doesn’t have the same clout as the Mario Kart series. The constant Tour updates are no doubt responsible for keeping players glued to their phones, and Nintendo’s addition of multiplayer and a horizontal screen mode has likely pulled in players who put the game down long ago.

Mario Kart Tour’s Sunset Tour will end on November 18. Be sure to login and pick up your free Baby Rosalina character, and stick around for a few hours to try and earn some of the exclusive new karts and gliders.

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