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Mario Fans Prefer Dubbed Movie Voices To Chris Pratt’s

More than a year after Nintendo revealed the cast of the Super Mario Bros. Movie and subsequently sent Twitter into a tailspin, it dropped the first official trailer and did the same thing all over again. Aside from how great it looks, with special attention going to Jack Black's Bowser, everyone is mildly obsessed with Mario's voice. Not just the Chris Pratt version, but the various people around the world who have voiced Movie Mario for different countries.

Suffice to say, you won't need to scroll too long on Twitter right now to find someone mocking Pratt's take on the iconic plumber. Despite promising us his Mario voice would be like nothing we have ever heard, the snippet we got in the trailer just sounds like Pratt's regular voice coming out of the Nintendo mascot's mouth.

That's the leading reason why versions of the trailer in other languages have been getting so much traction in countries where those languages aren't widely spoken (via Nintendo Life). The Italian version has been the go-to of course since Mario is supposed to be Italian. Needless to say, the Italian-speaking actor's take on Mario's voice is more popular with fans than Pratt's.

Despite Mario's Italian roots, the French version of the trailer appears to be the most popular. Credit to whoever is voicing Mario for French audiences as they have done a terrific job. Perhaps the man who has voiced Mario in the games for decades, Charles Martinet being of French descent is why fans prefer that version of Movie Mario's voice. Speaking of Martinet, although credited, his role in the film remains unclear.

German, Portuguese, and Spanish versions of Mario's voice have also been doing the rounds on social media as people continue to question whether Pratt was the right choice. There was also no hint at the musical numbers that will apparently be core to the movie, but the moment Bowser finds that star certainly feels like it comes at the end of a big song. Black is a pretty great singer. Whether his Tenacious D talents translate to singing as The King of the Koopas remains to be seen.

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