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Maneater: All Organ Mutations, Ranked

Organ mutations are one of the upgrades or evolutions you can equip to your shark that will make it an even more formidable predator in Maneater. These offer passive abilities that can be upgraded four times, but not all are created equal. You can equip a number of mutations at once and your shark deserves nothing but the best.

They can be acquired throughout the game and it is up to you to locate the ones you desire. All of the ranked organ mutations show their stats fully upgraded, so you know which ones are truly exceptional to use in Maneater.

11 Subliminal Evasion

  • Location: Defeat the Sperm Whale in The Gulf

It can be quite a nuisance when smaller hostile fish decide to attack you as you swim by, but this perk will stop that. However, this was ranked at the bottom because these fish are just more of a nuisance and this mutation isn’t useful until you become an elder or mega shark.


  • No Auto-Attacking from Hostile Fish Smaller than 90% of the Shark’s Size

10 Fat Digestion

  • Location: Defeat Scaly Pete in Sapphire Bay

The fish who provide you with fat will have a yellow oil droplet over their heads and they are the most plentiful throughout the game. It is why you will probably want to forego this organ mutation for something else, as collecting all of the fat you need is relatively easy.


  • 30% Fat
  • 30% Health on Feeding

9 Reinforce Cartilage Resistance

  • Location: Find all the Landmarks in The Gulf

When in combat you will probably take some damage, but the Reinforce Cartilage Resistance mutation can save your life. It will give your damage resistance a boost that can help you stay alive long enough to regain some health when battling it out with an apex predator or one of the bounty hunters.


  • 15% Damage Resistance

8 Protein Digestion

  • Location: Find all the Landmarks in Fawtick Bayou

A fish that carries protein is indicated by a pink spiral and the Protein Digestion mutation will allow you to collect more per fish you kill. This is the second easiest fish to find, so you might consider using something else unless you find yourself really low on this resource.


  • 30% Protein
  • 30% Health on Feeding

7 Advanced Sonar

  • Location: Fawtick Bayou Grotto

Sonar allows you to detect things in the world around you, such as landmarks and objectives. This is why the Advanced Sonar mutation is such a necessity as it will increase the radius and reduce its cooldown.

You will be uncovering Maneater’s secrets in no time when you upgrade this mutation to reach its full potential.


  • 300% Sonar Radius
  • 50% Sonar Cooldown

6 Mineral Digestion

  • Location: Defeat Pookie Paul and Reach Infamy Rank 3

One tip for beginners is that the blue bar indicates how many minerals you will acquire per fish you eat, and they are more difficult to find. The armored creatures, such as turtles, are often the ones that will provide you with this specific resource.


  • 30% Mineral
  • 30% Health on Feeding

5 Mutagen Digestion

  • Location: Defeat Lieutenant Shannon Sims and Reach Infamy Rank 7

Mutagen is one of the resources needed to upgrade your shark, and eating fish of this kind will also provide you with health. This mutation will increase the amount your green bar goes up and put you one step closer to completing another upgrade.

Fish of this kind can be hard to find, as they are rare albinos, which is why you need all the boosts you can acquire.


  • 30% Mutagen
  • 30% Health on Feeding

4 Adrenal Gland

  • Location: Defeat Candyman Curtis and Reach Infamy Rank 4

You need to be at the top of your game when facing off against other predators, which is where the Adrenal Gland mutation comes into play. It will increase your speed and acceleration to give you the best chance at outswimming your opponent.

It is one of the best mutations you can equip as it will give you an edge, or help you escape when the fight is too much for you.


  • 30% Max Speed
  • 30% Evade Speed
  • 30% Lunge Speed
  • 30% Acceleration Bonus
  • 30% Swim Speed

3 Amphibious

  • Location: Defeat the Alligator in Fawtick Bayou

There is plenty to do on land, even though this is something Maneater gets wrong about sharks. You can attack people and complete objectives, but you will need to increase the amount of time you can spend on the surface.

The Amphibious mutation will help you do this as it will not only increase your speed on land but boost your survival time by extraordinary amounts.


  • 50% Land Speed
  • 125% Survival Time on Land

2 Brutal Muscle

  • Location: Defeat Captain Robert Brunlett and Reach Infamy Rank 10

Sharks are meant to have exceptional strength in the water, which is exactly what the Brutal Muscle mutation will give you. It will not only make you faster but also allow you to inflict more damage with your tailwhip. This will become your deadliest weapon as you use it to take out opponents in a single hit.


  • 30% Max Speed
  • +30 Tailwhip Damage
  • 30% Acceleration Bonus
  • 30% Tailwhip Force
  • 30% Swim Speed

1 Hearty

  • Location: Defeat Bobby Bojangles and Reach Infamy Rank 2

While increasing your strength or reducing the damage you take is great, nothing beats a boost to your health, which is why this is the best upgrade. The Hearty mutation will increase your max health and your boat crew knockback resistance, which can give you enough time to regain your bearings and put yourself back into a fight.

It can take time to understand just what strategy you need to use to win, and this will give you the capacity to do so.


  • +600 Max Health
  • +60 Boat Crew Knockback Resistance

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