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Magic: The Gathering’s Warhammer 40,000 Previews Start Next Week

We're less than a month away from the arrival of Magic's crossover with Warhammer 40,000. Universes Beyond is bringing Games Workshop's gothic sci-fi franchise to Magic: The Gathering in four Commander decks that arrive on October 7 after a slight delay.

We got our first look at one of the commanders last May with Abadon the Despoiler, the leader of The Ruinous Powers deck. The remaining three commanders had their art shown last month, but Wizards of the Coast stopped short of revealing the full cards. That'll come soon as Wizards begins a full week of previews for the Warhammer 40K decks starting next Monday.

Previews will begin on September 12 with the release of "Bridging Worlds: Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000," which will air on Magic's official YouTube channel. We'll also get a few cards on the Weekly MTG Aftershow and more on the Warhammer Community page. Each remaining day for the week will be dedicated to one of the four decks, with Tuesday being all about The Tyranid Swarm, Wednesday about The Ruinous Powers, Thursday for The Necron Dynasty, and Friday for the Forces of the Imperium.

Various outlets will offer unique previews throughout the week, with the full list available on the official Wizards site here. At the end of each day, expect the full decklists to be posted on Magic’s image gallery after 2 PM PT.

In our preview back in May, we found out that the dark universe of Warhammer 40K meant that the set of four Commander decks definitely skewed black on Magic's color pie. Forces of the Imperium will be Esper (white/blue/black), The Ruinous Powers will be Grixis (blue/black/red), and the Necron Dynasties will of course be mono-black. Only the Tyranids managed to avoid adding swamps to its deck with the Temur colors of green, blue, and red.

Each deck will feature brand-new cards, but also reprint some older Commander staples. Flavor words have been used to describe older card mechanics, such as Abadon's "Chaos Ascendant" instead of Cascade. Some cards will have entirely new mechanics, such as the "Squad" mechanic on Vanguard Suppressor.

We’ll find out more starting next week.

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