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Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Multicolored Cards In Double Masters 2022

Unlike traditional standard Magic: The Gathering sets, Masters sets are designed around the inclusion of powerful reprints of cards from across the game's history. The second-ever Double Masters set, packs of Double Masters 2022 contain two rares or mythic rares in every pack rather than the traditional one.

Double Masters 2022 is chock full of stellar format staples for the likes of Commander, Modern, and Legacy, even including numerous first-time reprints of valuable cards from Portal Three Kingdoms. In addition to being home to impressive artifacts and mono-colored staples, the set is home to a litany of potent multi-colored cards as well that players of several formats can utilize. So we're going to examine the strongest multi-colored cards in Double Masters 2022.

10 Master Of Cruelties

Originally printed in Dragon's Maze, Master Of Cruelties is an excellent Rakdos (black/red) Demon capable of serving as a deck's win condition. A 1/4 with first strike and deathtouch for five mana, while Master Of Cruelties' combat stats may not be the most impressive, being attacked by this creature can spell disaster for your opponent.

This is because whenever Master Of Cruelties attacks a player and isn't blocked, while it deals no damage, the defending player's life total immediately becomes one. Though Master fo Cruelties comes with a restriction that states that it can only attack alone, if pared with an effect that makes it unblockable such as that of Artful Dodge, Aqueous Form, or a Rogue's passage, any innocuous source of direct damage can be used to close out a game.

9 Supreme Verdict

Board wipes are an integral part of Magic, allowing you to clear away an entire board state and punishing players who over-commit to the board. Simple yet incredibly effective, Supreme Verdict is among the strongest board wipes in Magic, making it a perfect inclusion for any control deck in the correct colors. An Azorius (blue/white) sorcery for four mana, Supreme Verdict destroys all creatures.

Though this is comparable to Wrath of God, Supreme Verdict distinctly can't be countered, meaning it is even effective against control decks filled with counterspells.

8 Child Of Alara

Another board wipe like Supreme Verdict, Child of Alara is a five-color spell that uniquely comes in the form of a creature. A 6/6 avatar with trample, in many cases, opponents are disincentivized to block the Child of Alara due to the fact that when it dies, it clears all nonland permanents from the board. The ability to universally set each player's board state back to square one is not an effect that should be taken lightly.

As this effect triggers upon the Child of Alara's death, it pairs quite well with sacrifice outlets that can be activated at instant speed, allowing you to dictate exactly when you'd like the board to be cleared.

7 Assassin's Trophy

While Magic is a game rife with impressive removal spells, Assassin's Trophy is among the strongest to ever see print. A Golgari (black/green) instant for the low cost of two mana, Assassin's Trophy is supremely flexible, capable of destroying any target permanent an opponent controls, regardless of the card's type. The target's controller then tutors for a basic land, putting that card onto the battlefield.

While helping an opponent mana ramp isn't ideal, it's a small cost to pay for the ability to destroy any permanent under their control. As Assassin's Trophy is a multifarious answer to anything from Planeswalkers and creatures to utility lands and artifacts, it isn't hard to see why this spell sees play in a multitude of formats.

6 Elenda, The Dusk Rose

A legendary Vampire Knight for four mana, Elenda, the Dusk Rose is an Orzhov (black/white) Aristocrats player's dream. A 1/1 with lifelink, whenever another creature dies, a +1/+1 counter is put on Elenda. When paired with repeatable sacrifice effects, recursion, and even removal, this allows Elenda to quickly grow into a massive threat on the board.

While this is already potent in its own right, Elenda can be difficult for opponents to deal with as when Elenda itself dies, you create a number of 1/1 Vampire tokens with lifelink equal to Elenda's power. If paired with instant speed sacrifice outlets, Elenda can be used to create a game-winning vampire army when you have the perfect opening.

5 Privileged Position

For those looking to protect their permanents from an opponent's removal, Privileged Position is a great option for any Selesnya (green/white) deck. Incredibly straightforward, this five-mana enchantment states that each other permanent under your control has hexproof.

This means that if an opponent wants to deal with any of your permanents, they're going to need to deal with Privileged Position first. For players looking to strengthen this effect even further, an additional copy of this card prevents even Privileged Position from being targeted by troublesome effects and removal.

4 Kaalia Of The Vast

Originally printed in Commander 2011, Kaalia of the Vast is among the strongest Mardu (black/red/white) commanders in all of Magic. A 2/2 with flying for four mana, whenever Kaalia attacks, you can immediately put an Angel, Demon, or Dragon from your hand directly onto the battlefield tapped and attacking. This means that not only does Kaalia subvert sizable mana costs of massive and impactful creatures, it also prevents them from being countered and provides a benefit comparable to haste.

This makes Kaalia an excellent inclusion for decks aiming to make use of any of these creature types with the goal of closing out a game as quickly as possible. In the context of the Commander format, Kaalia's access to flying significantly increases its chances of triggering its ability several times as additional opponents increase the likelihood that at least one player will be unable to block Kaalia.

3 Dragonlord Dromoka

Another Selesnya card like Privileged Position, Dragonlord Dromoka is an incredible countermeasure against control decks. For six mana, this 5/7 Elder Dragon is a solid threat in combat, having access to both flying and lifelink. However, where Dromoka really shines is in the fact that not only can it not be countered, but it prevents opponents from casting spells during your turn.

This means that as long as Dromoka is in play, control players will be unable to interact with any of your spells through the likes of counterspells and instant speed removal, giving you free rein to cast your most impactful cards with no fear.

2 Aurelia, the Warleader

Aurelia, the Warleader is a stellar inclusion for any Aggro Boros (red/white) deck aiming to win as quickly as possible through combat. A 3/4 Angel with flying, vigilance, and haste, as soon as Aurelia enters the battlefield, your damage output immediately becomes significantly more threatening for your opponents.

This is because whenever Aurelia attacks for the first time each turn, you can untap each of your creatures and gain access to an additional combat step, doubling your potential damage output each turn. As Aurelia has haste, this card immediately starts to put in work as soon as it's played.

1 Wrenn And Six

Wrenn and Six is perhaps the most efficient Planeswalker to ever see print. An incredibly powerful Gruul (green/red) Planeswalker, the overwhelming value of Wrenn and Six led to the card's banning in Legacy. For a mere two mana, This three-loyalty Planeswalker has an impressive suite of abilities that allows it to flexibly aid your strategy in numerous ways. firstly, this Planeswalker's +1 allows you to return a land from your graveyard to your hand, allowing you to re-use the always excellent fetch lands.

Secondly, Wrenn and Six's -1 can be used to deal one damage to any target, allowing it to reliably shoot down utility creatures like Birds of Paradise or Noble Hierarch. In the case you're able to activate Wren and Six's -7, it provides each of your instants and sorceries with retrace, allowing them to be easily re-cast. As all of this value is bundled into a two-mana spell, as soon as Wren and Six hits the table, the game immediately becomes an uphill battle for your opponent.

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