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Magic The Gathering Artist Drops Subtle Ponder The Orb Reference In Streets Of New Capenna

A few days ago, we got our first look at some of the new cards coming in Streets of New Capenna, the upcoming Magic: The Gathering expansion that takes place in a roaring ‘20s-themed metropolis. One of the cards revealed was Chrome Cat, a great little artifact creature that both scries and scratches for the low cost of three colorless mana.

Joe Slucher, the talented artist that created the image used for Chrome Cat (among many others in Magic: The Gathering), recently took to Twitter to explain his inspiration for the robotic kitty. As you can see in the .gif, the Chrome Cat leaps out of a glowing blue orb quite reminiscent of the orb a certain wizard ponders in a famous meme.

Despite the fact there's a card called "Ponder" that’s been reprinted many times in the vast annals of Magic, the "pondering my orb" meme actually came from a 1988 Lord of the Rings tabletop game. That cover art has since been used for custom versions of Ponder, but thanks to Chrome Cat, the meme is slowly inching its way into the official Magic cannon.

Wizards of the Coast has been revealing cards from the upcoming Streets of New Capenna expansion for the past few days, and while Chrome Cat is great, it's hardly the best New Capenna has to offer. Take a look at Faerie Vandal for a versatile creature that can become a serious threat in a deck that draws a lot of cards and can pair easily with Witness Protection for a blue control deck. Perhaps add some black mana for Grisly Sigil, a Lightning Bolt in black that can be duplicated thanks to its Casualty keyword.

If you're less into blue card draw, Rob the Archives is a red mana card that gives you one-time access to more of your library and makes a great pairing with Chrome Cat too.

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