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Mafia Definitive Edition: All Secret Car Locations

The Mafia titles all put a tremendous amount of effort and attention into creating an accurate and realistic world that fits the era in which the games are set. Thanks to the definitive edition of the first game, we’re given our best look yet at the 1930s city of Lost Haven yet. Everything from the fashion, architecture, and vehicles are period-appropriate, with cars getting some special attention in the form of a few secret cars hidden around the world for you to find and collect. It may not be a hit job, but finding all these cars will keep you on your toes nonetheless. We’ll show you where to find them all, and that’s an offer you can’t refuse.

All Secret Cars In Mafia Definitive Edition

There are a total of five cars we’ll be tracking down in Mafia, and none of them are likely to be stumbled upon if you’re not purposefully looking for them. For one, the cars will not appear on the map at all until you first find the five postcards after you complete the story and go to Bertone’s Autoservice in Free Ride mode.

Pick Up The Postcards

First, travel over to Bertone’s Autoservice and go inside to talk to Lucas. He’ll tell you that he’s going to start paying you back by giving you tips on the best cars he hears about all over town, directing you to the wall for more details. Walk over and collect all five postcards. Each one will give you a little preview of the car you’re looking for.

Trautenberg Sport

Make sure you have a gun equipped from the armory when you go out to collect this car. You won’t, or shouldn’t be in any gunfights but will need it to destroy some crates.

Go down to the Waterfront just Southwest of downtown and go through the door on the West side of the street into a storage area filled with crates. Shoot your way through the wall of them directly ahead of you and then climb up the lower stack behind them. Head left, climb up a series of crates, and shoot the loose boxes on top of another stack. Once they’re out of the way, climb over, round the corner, and you’ll be face to face with your new ride.

Flame Spear

On the far Southeast block of Central Island, head down the alleyway with a series of garage doors on the left. Pop open the first one and the Flame Spear is yours to keep.

Manta Prototype

On the Works Quarters area of the map, just Northeast of Central Rail Station, climb up some boxes to hop the fence into an area filled with tarped up crates. This is a bit of a maze, so go straight forward, right, left, make a U-turn to the left, then a U-turn to the right so that the outside fence is on your left. Go to the end and take a right, left, and then left where the path splits, and climb over a short wall of crates. From here there’s only one path to follow ending in a door to a garage with the Manta Prototype.


On the Northeast bank of Lake Flyer is a building with a row of umbrellas out front. Run around to the back and pull open the garage to hop in this…interesting vehicle.

Lassiter V16 Appolyon

Last up is the Appolyon, found in the small garage just North of the first L in Beech Hill on your map. This one may or may not have a map inside ready to attack you as soon as you enter, so be ready for a tussle.

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