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Lucy Dreaming: Chapter 2 Walkthrough – The Chasing Nightmare

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  • How To Figure Out The Laptop Passcode
  • How To Fix Lucy's Bike
  • How To Get A Library Card
  • How To Fool The Archive's Facial Recognition
  • How To Get Edward Plumb's Passcode
  • How To Learn More About The Disley Ferret
  • How To Get Some Bubblegum-Flavour FrootieShootie
  • How To Get A Duck Toy
  • How To Win The Jam Competition And Get A Baking Book
  • How To Solve The Troll's Riddle
  • Learning About The Dream Trolls
  • How To Make The Floppy-Haired Troll's Hair Stick Up
  • How To Get A Reflective Sticker
  • How To Break Down The Door In The Bakery
  • How To Bake A Love Bun
  • How To Deal With The Nightmare Monster

You may have thought that you'd solved Lucy's nightmare, finally – unfortunately, it seems that the nightmare keeps going. Now, the protagonist of Lucy Dreaming is being pursued by some giant monster.

Consulting the amateur psychology book that helped so much with the first nightmare, we learn that food may be the key to subconscious harmony. We'll need to find an inspiring book about baking if we want to investigate Lucy's psyche further and solve her problems.

How To Figure Out The Laptop Passcode

If you paid close attention at the end of the successful comedy gig in Lucy's first dream, you may have noticed that the judges held up three numbered scores: these actually make up the passcode for Lucy's laptop. The code was hidden in her subconscious.

The code is 778. Type this into the keypad when you interact with the laptop.

Lucy will read the email she got – open the attachment to see half a news story about a grisly murder. Lucy will get a short flashback and conclude that she needs to head to the library to find the rest of the article. The only problem is that her bike is broken.

How To Fix Lucy's Bike

First, go to the bathroom and examine the cabinet on the wall. Inside, there are two things you need to pick up: some sweet medicine (which turns out to be a bottle of Gulpol) and a Plaster.

Now, head downstairs. There's a package on the table to the right of the stairs – unfortunately, it's sealed shut.

To the left of the hallway is a stuffed Vole with very sharp teeth – pick it up and use it to open the package. You'll get a Preserved Pufferfish, a bottle of Formaldehyde, and a box of flesh-eating Beetles.

Take the Preserved Pufferfish and use it on the door mat in front of the door leading to the garage – this will shave its spines down to a safe, manageable length.

Go outside and use the Plaster from the bathroom on the bike first to patch it up. Once that's done, use the Smooth Pufferfish to pump it up. Voila, now you have a perfectly usable bike!

From now on, you can fast-travel to the different locations in the game using the map in the upper-right corner. This is very convenient and can even be used from indoors.

How To Get A Library Card

First things first, pick up the Trowel in the ground outside the library, then head indoors.

Talk to the librarian here and exhaust her dialogue – she'll tell you about the library's book retrieval system, Satan. You can also learn of a book about baking that would be perfect for your next bout of inspiration.

During the dialogues, the librarian will hand you a book – examine it, and a Library Card will fall out. It's the card of Edward Plumb, who wrote the book of poetry that the librarian summoned using Satan.

You need a Library Card to use the newspaper archive computer opposite the librarian – unfortunately, using Edward Plumb's library card will not work for you:

  • The archive uses facial recognition as a security measure, and Lucy does not have Edward Plumb's face.
  • The archive requires a passcode.

Head to the back of the library and use your Library Card in the huge computer, using the card slot on the right. When prompted to think about a book, pick Poems for ill-fated lovers and pick the book up when it drops into the slot. Examine it to read a poem about 'Graham's monkey.'

Back in the front of the library, attempt to use the Library Card with the newspaper archive. It'll fail. Now, ask the librarian about the book to learn about Edward Plumb, the archive to learn about its security measures, and Graham's monkey to unlock your next destination – St. Graham's church.

How To Fool The Archive's Facial Recognition

Go to St. Graham's. Ignore the photographer for now – take the path to the church and enter. As you make your way to the front of the church, take note of the stained glass windows and the descriptions Lucy gives them.

Talk to the parishioner sitting on the front pew. Exhaust her dialogue to learn that she would like you ring the bells for her, but only in the correct order. Also question her about monkeys to learn that the tree outside the church is a monkey puzzle tree.

First, the bells. The key to this puzzle is the stained glass windows. From left to right, they depict certain objects of certain colors – a blue moon, red poppies, two white mountains, yellow sun rays, a blue dragon, red fire, and brown earth.

Head all the way to the left and ring the bells in this order by pulling on the colored ropes:

  • The blue rope.
  • The red rope.
  • The yellow rope.
  • The white rope.
  • The white rope.
  • The yellow rope.
  • The blue rope.
  • The red rope.
  • The brown rope.

This final bell will be so powerful that it knocks some treasure off the roof, evidently stolen by birds. Go outside and try to pick it up – you'll only get the shiny Hat Pin.

Head back to the church grounds with the photographer. Talk to him to learn about his hatred for birds – enjoy the groanworthy jokes. Specifically, you need to talk to him about the love he has for his hat. Once you've learned how he chased after the birds the last time they stole the hat, wait until he picks his camera up to take a photo and then use the Hat Pin on him. He'll end up leaving – pick his Camera up.

Use the Camera in your inventory to get a Selfie. Combine the Selfie with the Library Card to get a Fake Library Card – this is enough to fool Satan.

How To Get Edward Plumb's Passcode

Go back to the monkey puzzle tree outside the church. Use your Trowel on the patch of earth right underneath it to get an Old Photograph.

Combine the Old Photograph with the Poetry Book – align the eye holes in the photograph with the numbers on the right-hand page to get the passcode: 1015.

How To Learn More About The Disley Ferret

Head back to the library and use your Fake Library Card with the newspaper archive. Choose the dialogue option with '1015' in it and then Search for the Disley Ferret.

Read the three articles that the search brings up. You'll be presented with a lot of information all at once, and then unlock two new locations: the town centre and Fig Hall.

First, head to the town centre. You're primarily here to find the statue of Fergus Fig, but there are a few things to pick up and learn on the way. However, blocking your way is a mother who, upon interrogation, refuses to move until her baby has eaten, and she'll only eat faster if she gets some Bubblegum-flavoured FrootieShootie.

How To Get Some Bubblegum-Flavour FrootieShootie

Enter the corner shop right at the entrance to the town centre. Inside, talk to the employee until you learn that he's so confident in his price-tagging skills that he does it without looking.

Use the fridge on the right and pick up one of the FrootieShooties on the top shelf. Use it with the employee, who will tag it with the price gun – which is currently set to 100 percent off, by the way.

Use the now-free FrootieShootie with the shopkeeper to get it permanently. Leave the shop,

Before offering the drink to the parent, pick up the litter on the ground near the bin to reveal a Penny. Pick it up. Once you've given the parent the drink and she's left, pick up the Blueberries from the ground.

Head all the way to the right to encounter the statue of Fergus Fig, which is morbidly missing its head and is placed atop an old vending machine. Examine the statue and the plaque.

Inside the vending machine are some duck toys – we want one, but the Penny doesn't fit the coin slot.

How To Get A Duck Toy

Head back down the street a little and enter the charity shop. Use the Penny and put it in the collection tin. With that done, you can pick up the Metal Detector.

Go back to Lucy's house. Outside, use the Metal Detector to open up the settings screen. Set it to Nickel and 5-10 Years. Hit the green Start button, and you'll get an old Token. Go back to the vending machine plinth in the town centre and use the Token to get a Duck Toy.

You're done in the town centre for now – use the map to travel to Fig Hall. Inside are two people: talk to them both, exhausting their dialogue. You'll be presented with a new objective: somehow remember your Heritage Trust number since Lloyd defaced your Heritage Trust card.

Once you've talked to them both, you'll be told that the village fete has opened up. Head there with the map, and then enter the tent on the left with the Jam sign outside.

How To Win The Jam Competition And Get A Baking Book

Speak with the vicar inside to learn a little about the Fig brothers and also about the jam competition. The winner gets to meet Paula Hollyrood and a free copy of her latest baking book – this is exactly what you need to put in your dream box.

To win the competition, you'll need a jam that is:

  • Sweet.
  • Vibrant.
  • Perfectly preserved.

We're going to make one ourselves. First, pick up the Empty Jar on its side on the table.

Head back to your home, and then get to the bathroom. Open the cistern on the toilet and use the Blueberries with the vibrant blue water to dye them. With that done, combine the Empty Jar with the following:

  • The Gulpol from the bathroom cabinet for sweetness.
  • The dyed Blueberries for vibrance.
  • The Formaldeyde for preservation.

With the perfect jam made, go back to the village fete and give it to the vicar. After the short cutscene, pick up the Rosette from your dangerous jam and give it to the newly appeared Paula Hollyrood. She'll give you the Baking Book. Perfect!

Go back to Lucy's bedroom and use the Baking Book with the Dream Box on the floor (place the box back down if you picked it up). Now, you'll enter a different dream when you go to sleep.

How To Solve The Troll's Riddle

Walk all the way to the right and knock on the door – try to get inside, and you'll be presented with a riddle: you need to remember what the Fig family colours are. Choose the following options:

  • Green and…
  • …purple.

Learning About The Dream Trolls

Talk to all the trolls in within the castle to learn the following things:

  • The stallholder gives out freebies when he's had a Love Bun.
  • The stallholder exports his stickers far and wide.
  • The floppy-haired troll has a rare sticker that he'll give to you if you can make his hair stand on end.
  • The troll child has a hole in her kite.
  • The bapmaster will open the window of her shop if she wants to waft a nice aroma into the street to get more customers – or when it's too hot.

Most importantly, you'll learn that Love Buns might be the perfect thing for calming down the monster in Lucy's current nightmare. You need some way to get to the Love Bun Starter behind the bapmaster.

To start solving this quest, first pick up the Love Bun Sample in the shop. If you haven't already, talk to the stallholder in the street and ask for some stickers – you'll get a He-Naan Sticker and some Paints. Use the Paints to disguise the Love Bun Sample.

Give the Badly Painted Love Bun Sample to the stallholder to make him feel very generous. Right after, try to pick up one of his action figures – he will simply give one to you.

How To Make The Floppy-Haired Troll's Hair Stick Up

This next step is a little more complex. Use your He-Naan Sticker on the troll girl's bread kite to tape up the hole. With the kite in the air, you can now talk to the girl to make her fly the kite higher.​​​​​​

This puzzle involves altering the environment in Lucy's room to affect her dream. Use the Pinch Me Pitcher to wake up.

The fan on Lucy's bedside table can be interacted with to change the direction it's facing. When it's facing to the left, the wind in the dream is westward, and the opposite is true when the fan faces the right.

  • Make sure the fan is facing left so the wind is westward. You can check the exact direction of the wind by examining the flags outside the castle.
  • Go back into the dream and talk to the troll girl. Get her to fly the kite higher.
  • Wake back up and make the fan face right.
  • Go back into the dream. The bread kite should now be caught on the left-hand wire and be floating above the tall metal contraption.
  • Examine the contraption to learn what it does, and then use it.

This will lift the troll's hair up. He'll reward you with a Yeast Man Sticker.

How To Get A Reflective Sticker

With the Yeast Man Sticker, you can now begin a trading quest.

  • Give the Yeast Man Sticker to the troll child in front of the stall. He'll give you a Man-At-Barms Sticker.
  • Wake up. In Lucy's bedroom, swap the Baking Book inside the Dream Box for the Joke Book.
  • Go back to bed and wake up in the comedy club.
  • Give the Man-At-Barms sticker to the barman. He'll give you an Evil Brith Sticker.
  • Wake up. Swap the Joke Book for the Baking Book and go back to bed.
  • Give the Evil Brith Sticker to the young troll girl with stickers. She'll give you a Cob-oto Sticker.
  • Give the Cob-oto Sticker to the rude troll who gave you a riddle earlier. He'll give you the coveted Silver Skeletortilla Sticker.

Head to the shop and attempt to use the oven at the back. It seems you'll need a distraction.

Talk to Mr. Fumble and get him to distract the bapmaster. While he's doing this, try to use the oven to learn about the security system.

With this knowledge, get Mr. Fumble to act as a distraction again, and this time, use the Silver Skeletortilla Sticker with the red beam of light in the oven's security system. Now you'll be able to open the oven – put your Action Figure inside.

The bapmaster will open the window, letting the nice aroma out. Now, to get to the Love Bun Starter, you'll need to use this aroma to somehow break down the door.

How To Break Down The Door In The Bakery

Wake up. There are two things you need to do:

  • Make sure the fan is facing to the left – we want the aroma from the bakery to travel down the street.
  • Place the Duck Toy in the Dream Box instead of Mr. Fumble.

Go back to sleep. The horrendous duck will charge through the street, causing unknown calamities, breaking down the door, and change the nature of this dream for the rest of the game.

How To Bake A Love Bun

Now you have access to the Love Bun Starter and a recipe. Examine the recipe at the back of the room – you need some flour and some mucus from the intended recipient. For us, it's the nightmare monster.

Here are the steps you need to take to bake the Love Bun:

  • Pick up the Bread Flour at the front of the shop next to the oven.
  • Wake up and replace the Baking Book with the Joke Book. Go back to bed.
  • Pick up the Sphagnumbrella resting against the bar. Wake up.
  • Pick up the Dream Box and head back to sleep so you have a nightmare. While being chased, use the Sphagnumbrella with the dipping slime from above.
  • When you wake up, replace the Dream Box on the floor. Put Mr. Fumble and the Baking Book inside.
  • Go back to bed, to the bakery. Walk to where the duck was and pick up the Splintered Wood in the hole.
  • Give the Bread Flour and the Drool-covered Sphagnumbrella to the sourdough starter. Pick it up.
  • Pick up the Candle next to the recipe.
  • Use the Splintered Wood with the oven. Light it with the Candle.
  • Use the Love Bun Sourdough Starter with the oven.

Once that's all done, pick up the Monstrous Love Bun.

How To Deal With The Nightmare Monster

Now that you've acquired the Monstrous Love Bun in your dreamworld, pick up the Dream Box in the real world and head back to sleep.

In the nightmare, use the Monstrous Love Bun to placate the monster. One more nightmare to solve.

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