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Lost Ark: 1-50 Leveling Guide

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This guide covers the optimal leveling path for 1-50 in Lost Ark. Although level 50 is the max level in Lost Ark, your leveling doesn't finish there. You'll embark on a journey of maxing your gear level and completing your Adventurer's Tome (collectibles) for account-wide boosts.

For this guide though, we'll cover the basics of hitting level 50 in the fastest way possible or at least provide some direction for how you work through the game.

There are really two ways to play Lost Ark: complete everything, or rush to the end. If it's your very first run you should really just play the game at your own pace. It's a great experience with an enjoyable world, and there's really no rush. That being said, Daily Missions are restricted per day, so the quicker you get to 50, the quicker you can start working on your character. The choice is up to you.

Lost Ark Level Guide – 10-35

Yes, you start at level 10 in the current NA/EU version of the game, thanks to a new patch regarding class prologues. The game opens with some long(ish) cutscenes, and then you're given the option of whether you want to skip the prologue. Skip it for pace.

The whole next chunk of leveling is very straightforward – Follow The Story Quest. These are marked as Orange on your map.

As it currently stands, we're not 100% on the experience rewards for the various quests in the NA/EU version of the game. For Russia and Korea you no longer need to complete any side quests to hit level 50 – the standard story quests are enough. Hopefully this is the same in the NA/EU launch.

Going on the idea that the NA/EU launch will have patch parity with the other versions, you do not need to complete any other quests other than the main storyline. This is the fastest route through the game.

Other tips:

  • Sell some potions right at the start of the game. You won't need them, and they can be used to Triport (fast travel) around for quicker questing.
  • Complete all mandatory Dungeons solo and in Normal mode. You won't need any of the gear you get, as gear is replaced constantly between 1-50 anyway.
  • Complete red zone quests (these appear when you pass through certain areas) if they overlap with your questing.
  • Dash and mounts. Use this to your advantage. Some characters have extra mobility skills that can be worth focusing on, although classes with big AoE clears are also good for completing content quickly.

Lost Ark Level Guide 35-50+

Once you get access to Sailing the game changes considerably. Rather than regular Orange-colored quests, you'll be sent out over the world to complete Blue quests.

The game sends you out on this path – Tortoyk – Anikka – Arthetine. These are different regions with new quests to complete.

You can either stick to the game-determined path or go your own way, completing Arthetine – Anikka – Tortoyk. It's a bit harder if you go this route, but it's also a lot more engaging if you want to keep entertained while you're leveling.

We will update this guide with more specifics when we get our hands on the full build of Lost Ark for NA/EU, as this is all subject to change depending on updates and tweaks.

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