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Logan Paul Promises $1.3 Million In Refunds Over NFT Game, Denies Scamming

Logan Paul says his CryptoZoo NFT Game is not a scam, despite an exhaustive report that accuses the game of being exactly that, but in case you've invested in CryptoZoo and you want your money back, he's going to cash out his Zoo Coins and give the proceeds to everyone asking for a refund.

This all started after an investigation by YouTuber Coffeezilla accused CryptoZoo of being a complete scam, noting how the game isn't anywhere near complete despite accepting upwards of $2.5 million from prospective NFT breeders. The game works by allowing players to hatch NFT eggs into animals that could then be bred with other animals to make strange hybrid creatures. Certain animals and features will be rarer than others, making their hybrid babies more valuable. The concept sounded fine, but the problem was there's no way to actually hatch your eggs, and investors who put millions into purchasing those eggs can't get their money back.

On the January 3 episode of the Impaulsive Podcast, Logan Paul accused Coffeezilla of illegally recording conversations between himself and CryptoZoo's developer, who he admitted was a known con artist with two previous criminal convictions. He also accused Coffeezilla of not reaching out prior to publishing his investigation, to which Coffeezilla responded with several messages he'd sent a full year ago. That podcast episode has since been removed.

In its place, Paul has now reversed his earlier accusations, apologized to Coffeezilla, and is offering a $1.3 million refund program to everyone who wants out of CryptoZoo.

"Coffeezilla is not a criminal," Logan Paul begins, "I called him, I apologized–my initial response to his series was that of fire and ego [and] pride. I'm a fighter at heart, and I was defensive because I know I never scammed anyone with this project. I never made any money, never sold any tokens, and I only had the best intentions going in."

Paul then laid out his three-step plan to make things right. First, he will cash out his Zoo Coins and use the proceeds to set up a $1.3 million fund to repay anyone who wants to cash out their Zoo Coins or eggs. Second, he promised to actually finish CryptoZoo for those who remain. It remains unclear whether CryptoZoo will be completed with the original developer or if Paul will reach out to one with fewer criminal convictions.

"I'm sorry guys," Paul added. "I apologize for how this has unfolded thus far, and I want people to know that they can trust me and that I'll always take care of the fans and the people who support me."

In addition, Paul thanked Coffeezilla, saying he was "thankful for your work and your investigation, and I mean that bro."

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