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Little Noah: Scion Of Paradise – How To Beat King

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After reaching the Darkside Cliffs in the first part of the ruins in Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, you will face one of three bosses. The first time you reach the Darkside Cliffs, you will face King, a strong boss who uses fire and heavy axe attacks to deal high damage.

King can also appear as a boss later in the ruins, in which he will attack more often, his attacks will deal higher damage, and he'll even add an additional ability to his arsenal. Let's take a look at all of King's attacks and mechanics, how to avoid them, and some tips for dealing with King.

King's Attacks

King will use the following attack throughout the fight. Each of King's attacks will inflict Burning, which will deal damage over time for a few seconds.

  • Flame Charge: King will spin his double-sided axe to his front, slowly moving across the field, dealing damage. Then, he will finish his charge with a final axe slam, dealing high damage in a large area to his front. Double jump then dash to get over and behind King, at which point you can safely attack his back until the attack is finished.
  • Axe Slam: Similar to the final attack in Flame Charge, King will quickly slam his axe down in the direction he is facing, dealing high damage. When King raises his axe above and behind him, move out of the way to avoid this attack.
  • Scorching Waves: King will stand in place before spinning his axe around, causing four consecutive waves of fire to launch forward. Jump to get over low waves, then crouch to dodge high waves.
    • After King has launched all four Scorching Waves, he will charge forward a short distance, dealing damage to his front. Quickly move above or far away from King after the fire waves have been fired to avoid this follow-up attack.

    • Axe Throw: King will spin his axe above his head for a moment, then throw it towards you. The axe will spin around the arena, dealing damage along its path. Watch the trajectory of the axe and move accordingly to dodge it as it rotates around the arena. King will not move while the axe is spinning, giving you time to attack him.
    • Flame Dive: This attack will appear when facing King later in the ruins. King will charge up for a moment, then leap into the air. After a short delay, he will plummet to the ground, dealing high damage in a large area around the landing site. King will repeat this attack two more times. The area King intends to target will be marked with a fiery red circle, giving you enough time to dash out of the blast zone.

    King will repeat these attacks throughout the fight. Although King's axe moves slowly during Axe Throw, don't get careless when dodging it. Focus on its path and move out of the way, then get into a position to counter-attack. Additionally, watch out for follow-up attacks throughout the fight. Keep an eye on King at all times, even when it seems like an attack has just finished, as he may quickly follow it up with another.

    Tips For Beating King

    King will attack relentlessly throughout the fight, often forcing you into tight corners or dangerous positions, making counter-attacking difficult. However, there are still a few moments to attack, heal, or use your Burst Attack throughout the fight, which we will look at below.

    When King is moving forward with Flame Charge, his back will be exposed for the duration of the attack. This is the perfect opportunity to get a few hits in or to drink a potion. Additionally, King will not move for the duration of Axe Throw, making this the best time to use your Burst Attack. King won't be able to counter-attack, and the Burst will make you invulnerable to the spinning axe.

    Additionally, Scorching Waves are usually fired in a set pattern, alternating between low and high. Jump, crouch, jump, and finally crouch to dodge these waves, then get ready to dodge the forward charge he does after.

    If you're still having trouble beating King, try upgrading your Airship. Increasing your resistance to fire attacks will make all of King's attacks do less damage, allowing you to take more hits before needing to drink a potion. Additionally, upgrading your potions to store and heal more will greatly increase your survivability.

    Finally, be sure to explore each room of the Ruins thoroughly to upgrade Noah as much as possible. Getting good Lilliputs and Accessories that synergize well together will make you much stronger. If you're having trouble avoiding King's attacks, we recommend prioritizing ice-type Lilliputs, Accessories, and Crystals, as these often encourage ranged attacks, allowing you to stay further from danger while still dealing some damage to the boss.

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