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Link’s Awakening: How To Find The Bird Key

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening includes a variety of unique dungeons, including the Eagle Tower. This is the seventh dungeon you will encounter and can be a bit tricky to enter.

Like previous dungeons, you will need to find the associated key. In this guide, we will take a look at how to obtain the Bird Key for the Eagle Tower, as well as how to find the dungeon once you have the key.

Requirements For Getting The Bird Key

Before you get the Bird Key, there are a few requirements. First, you must learn the Frog’s Song of Soul and then resurrect the rooster under the weathervane in Mabe Village.

Let’s go over how to complete both of these tasks.

Frog’s Song of Soul

This is a song that you will learn how to play on your Ocarina. If you haven’t learned this song yet, don’t worry! It’s not that difficult. To learn this song, head to the maze made out of signposts, to the southeast of Mabe Village.

The maze is pretty straightforward, but let’s look at how to complete it. Begin at the topmost signpost and follow the instructions below for which direction you should be walking in.

  1. South
  2. East
  3. South
  4. West
  5. North
  6. East
  7. South
  8. East
  9. North
  10. West
  11. South
  12. East
  13. South
  14. West (To the final sign)

At the end of the maze, you will come to the final signpost and make your way down a staircase. At the bottom, Mamu the frog will offer to teach you the song for 300 rupees. The Frog’s Song of Soul will make ‘the one who hears the song feel more alive’. Basically, it can revive those who are dead or sleeping.

Resurrecting the Flying Rooster

After learning the Frog’s Song of Soul, head back to Mabe Village. To resurrect the Flying Rooster, you will need to visit the weathervane that is directly north of Marin and Tarin’s house. At this point, you should have the power to push it.

Push the weathervane back and walk down the stairs. At the bottom, you will find rooster bones. Simply play the Frog’s Song of Soul and revive the rooster. Afterward, he will follow you and help retrieve the Bird Key.

How To Get The Key

With the Flying Rooster, make your way to the Tal Tal Mountain Range. You want to enter a cave that is directly under the house with a rooster weathervane (you will be able to see this from your map).

  1. To get here from Mabe Village, take the same path as you would for the Angler’s Tunnel.
  2. Once you arrive, continue going right and head up the first ladder you see.
  3. After climbing the ladder, just head east. The entrance to the area with the Bird Key will be the first cave that you come across.

Now that you’ve made it to the area, it’s time to put the Flying Rooster to work. Push rocks to clear a path to the opening at the top right of the cave. Go through this and fly on the rooster to cross a chasm.

Once on the other side, you will be at the Bird Key! Grab the Key and head to the Eagle Tower.

Making Your Way To The Eagle Tower

Getting to the Eagle Tower is pretty simple. Check out the instructions below on how to get to the dungeon from the location of the Bird Key.

  1. Backtrack from the cave entrance down the ladder, and go further right (away from the Angler’s Tunnel) until you enter a cave.
  2. Follow the cave system until you come to the edge of the map, where a warp point will be available. There should also be a cracked wall, which can be broken to access a fairy fountain.
  3. Proceed through the cave entrance on the right-hand side, which will lead to the Eagle Tower. After using the Bird Key, enter the dungeon!

The Eagle Tower dungeon is similar to every other dungeon. Make your way to the top, where you will fight the Evil Eagle. Completing this dungeon will reward you with the Organ of Evening Calm. There is only one more dungeon left after this.

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