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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – All Minikits In Every Episode 6 Level

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  • A Plan To Save Han
  • The Copa-Khetanna
  • Endor The Line
  • The Chewbacca Defense
  • Fulfill Your Destiny

Bringing the original trilogy to a close, The Return of the Jedi is a triumphant finale. Thankfully, we now have the opportunity to relive this thrilling conclusion in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. But with this new episode comes along another series of Minikit pieces scattered through each stage.

From playing a game of whack-a-mole to uncovering smuggled cargo, these Minikits are stashed away deviously. Thankfully, we have gone through the trouble of tracking them all down so that you can have a smooth ride on your journey to face the emperor himself.

A Plan To Save Han

There is only a single Minikit piece that is obtainable during the story mode run of this mission. During the section with Leia and Chewbacca, when you get the power core needed to thaw out Han, take it into the previous room and use it to power the DJ station first. This will provide you with the “Max Rebo Band Roadie” Minikit piece. From here on out, every Minikit will need to be acquired in the free play mode.

At the beginning of the stage, take a right. Use an astromech droid to get through the door. Then switch to a Jedi. You will have to go through a mini obstacle course. At the end of it, you will start following Salacious Crumb, he will lead you to a set of six grates. Here you will play an impromptu game of whack-a-mole. Whenever Crumb pops out of a grate, give him a whack. After five hits or so he will be defeated and grant you the “Trail of B. Crumbs” Minikit Piece.

Next, in the prison section, where you can set the prisoners free to start a distraction, use a villain-type character to throw a grenade at the door with a silver lock. The “Jabba’s Palace Redemption” Minikit piece is waiting inside. Leave the room with the prison cells and enter the area where the two guards are hauling the junk bin. Use a protocol droid to input the password from earlier. Now, in this room, you need to complete the half-finished picture on the wall by finding the other pieces of it hidden in the junk in this room. Once you complete the picture, you will be given the “Photogenic” Minikit piece.

Now, while in the room with the picture puzzle, use an astromech droid to open the back door. In this room pull the lever to pull apart the droid (oh my god). Using the pieces left behind, assemble the “Major Malfunction” Minikit piece.

The Copa-Khetanna

Once you have beaten Boba Fett, a staircase leading up to the second floor of the ship will open up. Now, on the first floor there is a Gonk droid; ride it up those stairs. From there, use Luke to build a staircase using the blocks. Ride the Gonk droid up those stairs. Finally, on the third level, destroy the junk and build an energy plate. Park the Gonk droid on the plate and you will receive the “Where has it Gonk?” Minikit piece.

From the third floor, jump over the edge of the ship. You will land on a ledge. The “Trailing Behind” Minikit piece is located on this ledge.

If you man the turret at the bow of the ship, five droids will pop up and start flying around. You simply need to shoot them out of the air in order to obtain the “Target Practice” Minikit piece. Now look up top; you will see a lever (on the ship’s mast) that can be grappled to. Use R2-D2 to grapple this lever, which will lower a section of the floor. Switch to another character and have them jump into the hold to collect the “A Simple Smuggle” Minikit piece.

The last Minikit piece will require a bounty hunter, so you will need to come back in the free-play mode. Shoot the golden crates. Use the parts to build a giant cannon. Turn the cannon and take aim at the ship hovering above. Fire on it and you will receive the “Colossal Cannon” Minikit piece.

Endor The Line

For starters, look around the perimeter of the arena. You will find the “Littering” Minikit hidden behind a shrub. Now, use Luke to influence one of the Stormtroopers. Have them go to the crate with the Imperial seal on it and smash the junk around it. Build a key card swipe using the junk. Now, throw a grenade at the cage above. Once the cage comes crashing to the ground, pick up the key card and you will unlock the “Geejaw and Order” Minikit piece.

For the “Endor-tainment” Minikit piece, you simply need to shoot the three flying creatures out of the air. Finally, once you hop on the speeder bikes, one of the Stormtroopers will have a Minikit on the back of their bike. Shoot them and you will claim the “Backseat Bonanza” Minikit piece.

The final Minikit piece requires that you have a scavenger character, so you will need to repeat the mission in the free-play mode to acquire it. Use the scavenger’s breaker blaster to blow open the cave. Once you do so, break the junk around the sleeping Ewok. Then, build the meat spit. This will wake the Ewok up and reward you with the “Heavy Sleeper” Minikit piece.

The Chewbacca Defense

At the very beginning of the stage, turn around. There is a platform. Destroy the junk all around it. Use the pieces to build a lever. Once you pull the lever, a shooting gallery mini-game will begin. Just shoot all the helmets and you will gain the “Ewok-A-Mole” Minikit piece. Now, proceed with the stage as normal.

Make sure that you build the horn after you deal with the first turret. Once you arrive at the bridge, look to your right, there is a rebel being held in a net. Shoot him down. There is another to the left of the bridge, and one more a little past it. Once you rescue all three of the soldiers you will be rewarded with the “Endor-Net Access” Minikit piece. The last piece you can obtain in the story mode is in the final section. While manning the AT-AT shoot three speeder bikes. Once you have shot all of them, you will be rewarded with the “Speeder-Bike Lane” Minikit piece.

Return to the stage in the free-play mode. Now, by the bridge, you will see a wall that can be destroyed using a lightsaber. Once you move past this wall, you will encounter an AT-AT head. Build a terminal using nearby junk, then use a villain-class character to interact with it. You will obtain the “Heads Up!” Minikit piece. Now, look to the right of the AT-AT head. You will see a bunch of boxes. Stack them using the Force to create a staircase, then climb up and obtain the “Tree Top” Minikit piece.

Fulfill Your Destiny

Start the battle by running behind Palpatine’s throne to acquire the “Always Check Behind The Chair” Minikit piece. Continue the fight with Vader. After you defeat him, and he joins you, switch to Vader and run behind the central pillar. Interact with the terminal and acquire the “Emergency Empire Access” Minikit piece.

Now, there is a room to the right which has three display cases and three statues. Use the Force to place the gold statue in the left display case, the Lord Dark Helmet statue in the center display case, and the JarJar statue in the right display case. This will unlock the “Mint Condition” Minikit piece.

Return to the center of the stage. Now, you will want to move to the other side room. Here you will see a bouncy castle, but it needs a battery to power it. Destroy some junk at the very back of the room to get the battery, and plug it into the bouncy castle. Now, jump up on the bouncy castle to claim the “Feeling Deflated” Minikit piece.

The last Minikit requires you to return to this stage in the free-play mode. Just use a protocol droid to get the password from the terminal in the side room that has the statues, then enter the password in the terminal beside the TV in the entertainment room terminal. Now, stand on the button and the “Peculiar Protocol Password Panel” Minikit piece will appear.

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