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Legends Of Runeterra Seasonal Tournaments Offer Cash Prizes

The best of the best in Legends of Runeterra will soon be known thanks to Seasonal Tournaments. Riot Games announced a new series of competitions in its digital card game that will end in exclusive card backs and a grand cash prize.

The first Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournament will take place on December 6, 2020. Players can get in on the action by proving themselves in one of two ways: Ranked play and Gauntlets. To go the ranked route, you’ll have to place in the top 700 for your regional server when the bimonthly season ends. If Gauntlet is your thing, you’ll have to get seven wins in the Last Chance Gauntlet. 324 players can qualify through Gauntlet, although this method still takes into account your entire season’s Gauntlet performances.

If you qualify, you’ll then spend two days in the actual Season Tournament itself. There you’ll compete against the other 1,024 players from your server. The finale will be broadcast worldwide and culminate in a $10,000 grand prize. Those who don’t make it won’t go home entirely empty-handed, as those who can win four matches will earn an exclusive card back.

The Seasonal Tournaments begin just as the Call of the Mountain set is planned to end. The latest part of the set is the Monuments of Power expansion that adds three new champions. No doubt the meta will change in a big way just in time to test players looking to win big in the competition.

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