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Leaker Shares Screenshots Of Rumoured Returnal And Sackboy PC Ports

PlayStation is bringing plenty of its big hitters to PC – we've already seen God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, and now Spider-Man, and it isn't slowing down. New leaked screenshots point to Returnal and Sackboy joining the catalogue following a SteamDB listing earlier this week.

As spotted by VG247, a comment on a Sackboy PC leak shared several screenshots of it running on PC alongside Returnal with the tagline, "Happy Summer, boys and girls." We can see a modified UI with a cursor and keyboard button prompts, corroborated by the original poster and the subreddits' moderators.

You can see the alleged leaks in the Reddit thread below. The most noteworthy difference in the UI is the expanded list of options for keyboard controls and graphics, offering more customisation as is the standard with any PC port.

Sony hasn't confirmed Sackboy or Returnal's PC ports yet, although it did announce Spider-Man and Miles Morales in last night's State of Play. However, the leaks in conjunction with the SteamDB listing give these claims a leg to stand on, although it's unclear when we can expect an announcement, let alone a launch window.

It's also worth noting that this perfectly aligns with Sony's ambition to expand its gaming efforts into PC, something we've seen unfold over the past couple of years. Although, fans are still eagerly waiting for Bloodborne to finally make the leap, and there's no word yet on Ratchet & Clank, but given that so many of its flagship games are crossing over, it's not far-fetched to expect them one day. Just maybe not soon.

In other news, another set of leaks came out earlier this week that revealed God of War and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl are coming to PS Plus, so if you have a console handy and don't want to sit around waiting for ports to be revealed, then you can always dig your teeth into the Nordic pantheon with our favourite ashened god-slayer, or you can dive into an arcade fighter with your favourite cartoon characters.

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