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Leaked Documents Show Nintendo’s Disturbing Surveillance Of Homebrew Hacker

I grew up idolizing Nintendo. True, I never gave much thought to the fact that they’re a giant corporation, which probably automatically implies some level of greed and sketchy behavior within the company. But every time I’ve heard “Nintendo,” my immediate follow-up thought was always “that awesome company that makes the best games.” Unfortunately, that nice little naïve view that I had might have just been destroyed by these newest leaked documents from Nintendo.

Of course, a company must go to great lengths to protect their property, but I never realized just how far they would actually go. A hacker known as Neimod, who cracked the 3DS back in 2013, was closely monitored by Nintendo. But these recently leaked documents show that by “monitored,” we mean literally had this man followed from work to home to try to dissuade him from his activities. The documents showed great detail involving Neimod’s education, work, times he was at home, who visited, and more.

More than this, Nintendo had an entire action plan for how to handle the situation going forward. There was a detailed description of how the hacker was supposed to be approached and what should be asked when talking to him. All these plans were actually laid out in a detailed flow chart that Nintendo had constructed for dealing with this.

In short, Nintendo had a plan to deal with this whether the hacker responded cooperatively or negatively to being approached. It seems that Nintendo would have liked to avoid confrontation as much as possible, as they were trying to avoid filing a criminal complaint and were even working out a way for Neimod to maintain “bragging rights,” within certain parameters laid out by Nintendo.

The Final Enforcement Proposal makes one thing clear enough though—you do not want to mess with Nintendo. While in a way, someone who tries to hack company property deserves some type of reprimand, Nintendo seems to have no problem going into full-blown FBI mode.

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