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Leak Suggests That Fall Guys Is Crossing Over With Ratchet & Clank And Adding Live Events

A leaker has revealed that Season 5 of Fall Guys will bring a Ratchet & Clank collaboration, and gave an early look at the skin.

Fall Guys leaker Krxnky Tweeted about the costume saying, “There will be a ‘Ratchet & Clank x Fall Guys’ collab in Season 5! You will be able to obtain these items via the new Live Events system by completing a set of challenges. Here’s an early look at what the Ratchet costume will look like.”

The Tweet shows a picture of the Ratchet costume, which looks to be based on his Rift Apart look. It’s not mentioned in the Tweet, but it’s likely that a Clank costume will be coming as well, as the leaker mentions it’s a franchise collaboration and not just Ratchet.

Another interesting detail about this Tweet is the mention of a “Live Events” system being added to Fall Guys. In a previous Tweet by Krxnky, they mention that Season 5 is introducing the Live Events system and it apparently allows players to earn skins by completing timely challenges. According to this leak, Ratchet’s costume will be unlockable by completing the challenges, rather than the usual method of buying the pieces with crowns.

Krxnky also shared a picture of a golden hot dog costume, saying that it would also be unlockable as part of the live events system. There was no mention of where Clank fits into the live events, or if he’ll be purchasable from the main store using crowns. Krxnky has also shared images and lists of what they believe will be Rounds in Season 5 of Fall Guys, based on what they’ve found in the code.

As it stands right now, Fall Guys Season 5 doesn’t yet have a release date. The current season ends on July 13th, so it’s possible that will be when we hear more about this Ratchet & Clank collaboration by then, which is a little odd considering Rift Apart launches in early June. You’d expect them to want to tie the two together.

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