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Kiriko Is Now Playable In Overwatch 2 Competitive

Overwatch 2's newest healer is finally available in competitive, bringing Kiriko's damage-healing hybrid playstyle into the mix. However, Torbjörn and Bastion are still M.I.A., with the mobile sentry gun absent from the game as a whole.

Kiriko was held back for two weeks after launch to let players get used to her in other modes like quick play, but that's only if you managed to unlock her in time. For those who haven't bought the battle pass (which gives you Kiriko immediately), it's reportedly taking upward of 50 hours. That's around 3.5 hours of play every day since launch.

She's unlocked over halfway through the battle pass at tier 55, which is how future heroes will also be unlocked. Regardless, if you do have access to Kiriko and enjoy her in other modes, you can now bring her into competitive and shoot for a win.

Next Tuesday, you'll also be able to get a Halloween-themed Kiriko skin, just in time for the spooky season. She's one of the heroes highlighted in the upcoming event, as she'll be one of the four characters you can pick in Junnkenstein's Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, a limited-time PvE mode. Like Mercy, she's getting her own witch skin, so you'll be able to play competitive with a Halloween costume soon enough.

While Bastion and Torbjörn remain absent from competitive play, the community is calling on Blizzard to vault Sombra as well. That's because of a new bug that's been uncovered which lets Sombra teleport inside of a payload, riding it like a tank to the objective points. While inside, you don't take damage, but you can still shoot at enemies and use your ultimate ability. This is actually an old bug from the original game, though it used to be Tracer who would glitch into the payload. With that, it seems more like an environmental glitch than a hero-based one.

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