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Kirby And The Forgotten Land: Where To Remove The Three Wanted Posters In Moonlight Canyon

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  • The First Poster
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In Kirby And The Forgotten Land, our puffy, pink friend is in deep. Soon after Kirby arrives at the Moonlight Canyon level, in the Originull Wasteland region, there are wanted posters with Kirby's face on them. Well, his whole body really, but his body is 90 percent face.

Turns out, the law is after Kirby and his new friend, Elfilin. It's time to clear Kirby's name. To do that, you'll need to hunt down all three posters and hit them to knock them down. Doing so will complete the "Remove three wanted posters" secret objective, and get you that much closer to 100 percent completion. And Kirby that much closer to 100 percent absolution for his crimes.

The First Poster

Kirby will start the level facing a towering, red-orange cliff face. Make your way to the top, where you will find the first wanted poster, hanging to the left of the entrance which leads to the next phase of the level. Knock it down and continue.

The Second Poster

During the section where you must make your way through the dark by going mouthful mode on a lightbulb, you will come to a moment when you need to shine the light on a panel to cause a platform to raise. Once the platform is in position, two columns will fall. Go to the pedestal where the one on the left was standing and hop onto it. This will reveal that the platform extends a bit further to the left. Get rid of your mouthful mode item and hit the poster.

The Third Poster

After emerging from the tunnel where you used the lightbulb mouthful mode, you'll come to a ladder. Climb up to the top to find rocky platforms connected by sand blocks that collapse if you stand on them for too long. Continue, past mummy ghosts and cannons firing lava balls. This route will take you up one ladder, down another, and up a third.

After climbing the third ladder, drop down from the rocky platform to a ledge on the left where you will find the hidden poster. Knock it down to complete this secret objective and get the feds off Kirby's trail.

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