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Kirby And The Forgotten Land: How To Find The Side Alley In Northeast Frost Street

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In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the world is full of secrets and sometimes those secrets are side alleys where you can find a nice, big pile of coins. That's certainly the case in the Northeast Frost Street level in Forgotten Land's Winter Horns region.

To complete this secret objective, you won't need any copy abilities or mouthful mode items, just intuition and a willingness to explore. It's not hard to find the side alley once you know where to look, but it can be tough to spot unless you're in the habit of exhaustively exploring each area. We'll show you where you can find the Northeast Frost Street side alley in this guide.

Finding The Side Alley

The Northeast Frost Street level begins with Kirby arriving via Warpstar on a snow-covered street that runs through a quaint and quiet town with stone buildings and wrought iron gates. The secret side alley is located in this first main section. So, if you reach the section where you begin climbing the stairs, you've gone a bit too far.

Head down the street and defeat or evade the enemies as you go. Eventually, you will pass the third wrought iron fence. This fence should be located right before the stairs leading up to the next area. It's also next to the mound of snow where the Corori (penguin enemy in a winter cap) is standing and pushing dangerous snowballs.

Pass by or defeat these enemies until you are on the far side of the fence. Then, hugging the fence, walk toward the wall, past the tree, and you will find a gap in the wall. Once you hit the gap, continue through and the camera will shift behind Kirby to reveal an area with a balcony overlooking the rest of the town. You should see an Awoofy (fox enemy) sleeping on a bench in this hidden area.

More importantly, you should see a deceptively large pile of coins to claim which will only actually add 50 to your total. That's not a ton of money, but you can't put a price tag on the satisfaction you get from having successfully hunted down one of the secret objectives for Northeast Frost Street.

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