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Kao The Kangaroo: The Durian Valley Walkthrough

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  • Where To Find The KAO Letters
  • Where To Find The Runes
  • Where To Find The Crystals
  • Where To Find The Scrolls

The Durian Valley in Kao The Kangaroo is the first stage where you will encounter this world's host of enemies: mischievous monkeys. This stage is surrounded by water-based pitfalls. It also uses shallow water to its advantage to conceal crystals. Whether you are dodging barrels, sliding down shoots, or destroying a juice production facility, this is a stage that has a lot going on.

Where To Find The KAO Letters

KThe letter K can be obtained by using the optional path on the right at the beginning the stage.
AThe letter A is located near the hollowed-out tree, there is a good chance you will walk right past it if you aren't careful.
ODuring the final section of this stage, travel around the entire perimeter of the level until you reach a large waterfall, just walk through it, and you will find the letter O.

Where To Find The Runes

Rune 1This rune is on the main path during one of the dark crystal platforming sections.
Rune 2You will find this rune shortly after you make it past the bouncing barrels on the ramp.
Rune 3This rune will follow the slide section.
Rune 4Once you beat the boss of the stage, this rune will appear.

Where To Find The Crystals

Crystal 1This crystal is hidden in the water at the very beginning of the stage.
Crystal 2Near the beginning of the stage, this crystal will be on a little island to your left.
Crystal 3This crystal is on the main path, it is beside a sentient vine (so watch out).
Crystal 4During the platforming section that features the dark-energy platforms, you will obtain this crystal.
Crystal 5This crystal is to the right of the rope bridge with the monkeys throwing fruit at you on either side.
Crystal 6This crystal is found in the giant hollowed-out tree trunk (close to the Eternal Well).
Crystal 7When scaling the platform with barrels rolling down it, this will be one of two crystals off to the side.
Crystal 8This crystal is also on the platform with the barrels rolling down it, though it will require that you jump out a little further and then jump back to the ramp.
Crystal 9This crystal is on the slide. It is absolutely missable, so make sure you are ready to hop up and grab it.
Crystal 10This crystal is in the shallow water near the waterfalls.
Crystal 11This crystal is near the second boiler. A floating platform will take you to it.
Crystal 12This crystal is sitting on top of some barrels not too far from where you fight the boss.
Crystal 13This crystal is outside the giant waterfall in the final area.

Where To Find The Scrolls

The Only ScrollAt the beginning of the stage, take the path to the right. This path will lead you directly to the only scroll in this stage.

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