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Kao The Kangaroo: River Track Walkthrough

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  • Step-By-Step Collectible Guide
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  • Where To Find The Crystals
  • Where To Find The Scrolls

Slide on down to Kao The Kangaroo's chase-filled River Track stage. This is the first stage in the game that prominently features segments where you will be on the run. Thus, you will be spending most of your time being chased by a massive, maniacal monkey. This also makes the River Track stage one which features multiple collectibles that are completely missable.

Thankfully, this guide exists to help prepare you for this adrenaline-pumping, tumultuous stage. With it by your side, you will make short work of the River Track stage and collect each and every item along the way. There will be no crystal left behind!

Step-By-Step Collectible Guide

Treasure Chests2
Extra Lives2
Heart Pieces2

The River Track starts in a pretty unconventional manner. Instead of the typical 3D platforming, you will engage in a brief chase segment. In order to find success, you are going to want to keep your feet on the ground as much as humanly possible. So, keep the jumping to a minimum. If the giant jacked monkey starts catching up to you, try clearing gaps with a single jump instead of a double jump. Also, and this is a huge help, break through barrels and crates using the rolling attack; this is the quickest way through them. Use the rolling attack for the spike sections as well.

There are also two crystals to get in this section. If you miss one, then you should intentionally fail a jump, as you will start back at the beginning of the chase segment (at the cost of a single heart). There is no backtracking here, so you really don't want to complete this segment without grabbing all the collectibles.

As for the collectibles, there will be a crystal (1/4) on your left at the very beginning of the stage as you jump over a giant log. Not long after, there will be a crystal on your right (2/4), sitting on a giant log, which will require a little extra platforming. After you claim those two crystals, the only other things to collect are coins. So, just jump over the gaps, roll past the spike traps, and roll through the crates.

You will then enter a room. We are back to the classic platforming style again. Immediately on your right, there is another crystal (3/4) sitting on a broken lift. This means that you have claimed nearly all the crystals already. Huzzah!

Now, take out the monkeys, and platform up to the second level. You will encounter a plank, and then soon after, there will be a fire orb to your left. Use your fire punch to burn the plank; this will give you access to the button which will open the doors on the first floor. You will now have access to the sixth Eternal Well.

Eternal Well 6

This challenge simply requires that you beat the waves of monkeys throwing fruit at you. While you could just sit in the middle and use your airborne tail attack to deflect all the fruit back at them, you can also take a more proactive approach and just knock them all off the relatively small island this challenge takes place on.

Retrace your steps back to where the plank was, and swing across the platforms. You will walk across a conspicuous spiderweb on your way to the giant fan on the other side of the room. Hit the button and stop the fan, the first rune (1/3) is in the room behind that fan. However, don't proceed yet. First, take a right at the fan and swing across to the fire orb, then come back and ground pound the aforementioned spider web and claim the heart piece.

Once again, avoid double jumping, as it will slow you down. You should also do everything in your power to avoid the edges, as you will get hung up on them.

Now, enter that room behind the giant fan. Hop down the giant hole and prepare for another chase segment. This time you will be sliding. Once again, there will be a number of golden rings to jump for, each one will get you a handful of coins. You will also have a crystal (4/4) on your right, and the letter K will be smack dab in the middle soon after you claim the crystal. Both require jumping and both are missable.

You will find yourself in a room with a number of grappling hooks. Swing from one platform to the next. Once you have reached the other side of the room, there will be a little house with a spider web window; swing up the nearby boxes and get the fire orb so that you can burn the web. Inside you will find this level's lone scroll (1/1).

Before you head back up, look around the crates as there is an extra life behind one. Climb (and swing) back up the giant crates; you will run into a pair of muscular monkeys. Once you finish bopping them, there will be a heart piece on your right in the house. Also, burn the spider web on the left, enter the pipe, and you will be able to claim the letter A.

Now, burst into the office those two pumped monkeys were guarding, beat up all the monkeys inside, and get the treasure chest in the right corner of the room. The second rune (2/3) is also sitting on the table in the center of the room. Once you leave this office, you will engage in the final chase sequence. This time there will be hooks to swing from and trampolines. The important thing to remember is not to hold onto the grappling hook for too long and not to jump on the trampolines: just run into them.

Early in this chase sequence, before the first trampoline, you will be able to claim an extra life. It will be on your right. Make sure to go for this, as even if you end up dying, it will only cost you a single heart (and you will hold onto that extra life).

Once you clear the final chase you will arrive at the head office. There is a hole in the floor on the left side of the room. Jump down and you will claim the letter O. After that, just grab the fire orb and burn the plank in the back room. You will fight one last buff monkey in the back room. Continue on, and you will free the manager from his cage and collect your final rune (3/3).

Where To Find The KAO Letters

KThe letter K is obtained during the second chase segment. It is in the middle of the path, not long after the crystal you obtain in this section of the level.
AThe letter A can be found by taking the pipe to the left of the two jacked monkey guards you fight.
OThe letter O is obtained in the very last section of the stage, just jump through the hole in the ground in the manager's office.

Where To Find The Runes

Rune 1Placeholder text, because this is a template. I swear to god, if you leave this in when you publish, James, I am going to force us to walk straight into a wall.
Rune 2This rune is on the table of the meeting room, just past the two buff monkeys guarding the door.
Rune 3This rune is obtained at the end of the stage, once you let the manager out of their cage.

Where To Find The Crystals

Crystal 1The first crystal is encountered on the left side of the first log you hop over in the first chase section.
Crystal 2The second crystal is encountered on the right side, not long after having acquired the first crystal in the first chase segment.
Crystal 3This crystal is on the broken lift to your immediate right as you enter the first platforming section of this stage.
Crystal 4The final crystal is located in the second chase segment. It is on the right side as you slide down the chute.

Where To Find The Scrolls

The Only ScrollThis scroll will be found inside the little house on the first level of the platforming section that follows the second chase segment.

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