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Journey to The Savage Planet: Every Alien in The Game

Journey to The Savage Planet recently debuted on Google Stadia, making it once again a hot topic in the gaming community. One of the primary goals of the game is to survey the planet and record all the creatures living there into a journal. The aliens in the game are divided into predator and prey categories. Prey are timid and will generally avoid the player, while predators will actively try to eat them, likely in order to enjoy a mid-day snack.

Keeping up with all the aliens can be a bit hard since their are 36 in the game, and it can be easy to miss out on a few of the variations.


Boomerbang Hermit– The Boomberbang is a species of aliens who prefers to live in caves. Despite their cute appearance, they will hurl themselves into the player. The only way to kill them is shooting mid-flight.

Boomerbang Feral – A faster version of the boomberbang, it has a green coloring.


The crabclaw is the first boss of the game, players will need to dodge his fiery attacks while hitting his glowing tentacles. He has three different health bars but is a stationary boss who won’t physically come after the player.


The floopsnoot is another flying creature, that can be rather obnoxious, this is because it can teleport, making it much more difficult to hit.

Floopsnoot Matriarch

This is pretty easy to tell from the normal Floopsnoot, as it’s a pretty big creature. This is another boss that the player must fight while platforming around the room and avoiding smaller Floopsnoots. Like its smaller version, it likes to shoot its tongue at the player.

Insectoid Swarm

This is a pretty easy enemy to explain as it is simply a swarm of inects that attack the player. To kill them simply kill the glowing queen.


Jellywaft Inferior – This is a floating enemy that shoots ink at the player to block their screen and deal damage. Hitting them with a few shots from the gun will kill them.

Jellywaft Prime  – This is a bigger version of the Jellywaft that is colored pink and does even more damage to the player.


Kapyena Widow – The Kapyena catches most players off guard with it’s fast running speed and ability to launch itself at lighting fast speeds towards the opponent. The only way to kill it is to manage to his the glowing points on it’s tail, the best way to do this is to slow its movements. They are extremely easy to beat in co-op.

Kapyena Battle – This is a yellow and red version of the creature that is slightly smaller.

Meat Vortex –

Meat Vortex– The Meat Vortex will not attack the player, but does block paths with it’s vines. In order to move it, use bait to lure a Pufferbird near its mouth.

Barfer – This creature is a type of vortex that barfs out fluid in platforming areas of the game.


Pikemander Desert– This is a creature that will attack the player early on. Its main source of attack is curling up into a ball like Sonic and charging the player.

Pikemander Marbled– This is a creature that more closely resembles an armadillo, throws rocks at players, and is much more aggressive with its spin attack.


Porupods aren’t really much of a threat, simply keep a put of distance from them so that they won’t shoot spikes.


Schnozo is a creature that likes to pop out of holes and then shoot green ooze at players.


Slamphibian Heath – The Slamphibian is a giant toad with a nasty attitude. Like the name suggests it loves to jump up in the air and then slam all of its weight down on the player.

Slamphibian Grizzled– This is an orange version of the Slamphibian that hits a bit harder.


Sproutlook’s are a major obstacle at the beginning of the game. They scan a wide range for players, and when they detect them they shoot several bombs out in a wide AoE attack. The only way to kill them is to sneak up behind them and slap.


Teratomo is the game’s final boss that is bathing in acid, players must use all their combined skills to platform around and dodge his attacks.


Baboushka – This is a a four-headed prey creature that runs from the player screaming, it splits into two creatures when shot.

Baboushka (Demi) – This is the creature that the Baboushka breaks into, it turns into a one-headed creature when shot.

Baboushka (Quarter) – This is the final form of the Baboushka, shooting it want cause any more splitting.


Burglesnatch Balmy – This creature was put into the game to basically annoy players by running away with resources.  This does show just how unique and quirk the games universe is.

Burglesnatch Tundra – It’s a white variation of the Burglesnatch.

Imperial Scarab

The Imperial Scarab is another harmless creature that simply wanders around the environment as long as the player doesn’t get close. Stepping near the creature will make it shoot lighting bolts out of its horn.


The Maroon does nothing but walk around with it’s mouth open.


The Mesmertoxin is a creature that can be found early on. It does release toxins to give players a colorful experience.

Osmotic Cube

A green cube that slithers around the planet, it can’t be killed like most enemies and admittedly looks like it could be from the game Bugsnax.


Infected Pufferbird– The only aggressive form of the Pufferbird that will attack upon seeing the player.

Pufferbird Alpha – This version of the Pufferbird will explode when its friends are attacked.

Pufferbird Cave – These Pufferbirds have tiny lights on their heads.

Pufferbird Snowy – This Puffferbird has tusks and can be found in cold areas.

Pufferbird Valley – A red version of the Pufferbird with big green eyes.


Skipper Royal – A gentle creature that floats through the sky with a light yellow color and white on its head.

Skipper Scotch – A Skipper with a grey and yellow coloring.

Skipper Tortoiseshell – a Blueish green version of the Skipper.

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