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Itch.io Is Joining The Epic Games Store

Itch.io is an indie storefront home to over 200,000 games, letting small developers get their work out there, readily available for anyone to buy or acquire. Now, it’s coming to the Epic Games Store as a downloadable app.

It’s not a combination or merger – rather, it’s akin to going to the Google Play Store and downloading something like Steam. You can then boot up this newly downloaded storefront on its own, letting you use Valve’s shop through Google’s. Now, imagine that on PC but swap out Google with Epic and Steam with itch.io.

“Itch.io is a collection of some of the most unique, interesting, and independent creations you’ll find on the web,” a representative shared with Polygon, “Bringing the itch.io app to the Epic Games Store will give us an opportunity to widen the audience of people who can discover the diverse collection of indie works that we host.”

However, Epic will not take a cut on the sales of games on itch.io, meaning that it will still be completely autonomous, just available to download in another way. This means that more people will see itch.io due to it being on the Epic Games Store, taking advantage of its larger audience and user base. This could, in fact, potentially bolster the number of people with its app downloaded.

This addition to the Epic Games Store will be going live later today. With Epic not taking a cut, itch.io will remain as it is, that being where developers can decide how much of a cut that itch.io takes on their own accord. With this, perhaps more indie developers will utilize itch.io to get their games out there. At any rate, it seems to be part of Epic Games’ push to transform its platform into something more akin to an app store.

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