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It Took 40 Days, But Twitter Has Finally Beaten Pokemon Red

It took 40 days, the loss of several Pokemon, and over 90,000 comments, but Twitter has finally beaten Pokemon Red.

Over the past month and a half, a group of Twitter users have been playing Pokemon Red through another user’s profile picture. People would vote down in the comments of a particular thread for an action they’d like the game’s protagonist to take, and the winning vote would then take place in the game.

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The mastermind behind the playthrough, Constantin Lietard, posted a picture of Twitter’s victory onto his Twitter feed on Wednesday. The picture shows an understandably angry Blue stood in front of a seemingly under-leveled Growlithe. One user explains that they were using the Elite Four to grind for money for a Fire Stone to evolve Growlithe but accidentally ended up beating the game instead.

But when you consider Twitter’s team, it’s understandable that they managed to beat Blue with the amount of power they had. The Pokemon that have now been inducted into the Hall of Fame are an Alakazam, Dodrio, Growlithe, Lapras, Dragonite, and a Zapdos. It’s likely that the Dragonite and Zapdos did a lot of the heavy lifting.

In the same Twitter post, Lietard thanks everyone who has worked together to achieve the victory. He also reveals that it took Twitter 40 days and 90,000 comments to complete the game from start to finish. This is considerably longer than the last time something like this was attempted, back when a Twitch user tried to play Pokemon through his Twitch chat. Twitch may have beaten the game in just 16 days, but it can be argued that Twitter overcame a much larger and harder challenge.

The day prior to Twitter’s victory, a group of Twitter users calling themselves “Team Rocket” had managed to derail Twitter’s progress. Waiting until a group of dedicated daily players were asleep, “Team Rocket” took control and released all but one of Twitter’s Pokemon back into the wild. However, Twitter recovered incredibly well and managed to assemble an even stronger team that eventually went on to beat the game.

Congratulations Twitter for your accomplishment!

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