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It Takes Two Has Sold 2 Million Copies

It Takes Two’s Hazelight Studios reveals its hit co-op game has now sold more than two million copies.

It Takes Two hit consoles and PC earlier this year and breathed new life into the couch co-op genre. Something anyone over the age of 25 has fond memories of, but an element of gaming that has gradually been replaced by the ease of playing online. Clearly, a lot of people still long for those days as It Takes Two has now sold more than two million copies.

“We’re simply amazed by the PASSION you wonderful people have shown our game,” Hazelight Studios wrote on Twitter, revealing the news about its latest milestone. “We couldn’t be happier seeing so many fans of co-op out there.” What makes the number even more impressive is if you play with a friend online, only one of you needs to own a copy of the game, meaning a lot more than two million people have played It Takes Two.

It Takes Two released back in March of this year and took less than a month to reach one million copies sold. Less than two months on from that and its sales have doubled. The case to hit two million would have been helped by the game going on sale last week.

It Takes Two was briefly available for a discounted price on Steam. Not only has that reduction pushed the co-op game beyond the two million copies threshold, but it also sailed back up the Steam chart last week. It Takes Two hit number two on the Steam best-sellers list, losing out to Guilty Gear Strive but preventing the fighting game’s Deluxe Edition from stealing second place.

As games like The Last Of Us and Marvel’s Spider-Man have proved there is still a hunger for single-player, story-driven games, It Takes Two’s continued success could do the same for the co-op genre. If you have played through It Takes Two and now have a co-op-shaped hole in your lives, be sure to check out Operation: Tango. It’s free for PS Plus subscribers right now. Or, get in touch with Hazelight’s Josef Fares. He previously promised to give anyone who gets bored of It Takes Two $1000.

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