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It Takes Two: Every Minigame And Where To Find It

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Whack-A-CodyFlip The SwitchTug-Of-WarPlunger DungerTank Brothers
SpacewalkLaser TennisRodeoFeed The ReptileBatting Team
BirdstarBomb RunHorse DerbyIcicle ThrowingShuffle Board
Snow WarfareIce RaceGarden SwingsLarva BasketSnail Race
SlotcarsChessMusical ChairsVolleyballTrack Runner

In addition to its bevy of teamwork-centric puzzles and bosses, It Takes Two has 25 minigames for players to discover. Most duos don't find all of them during their playthroughs. With our guide, you can be sure you won't miss out on any of the fun to be had.

If you and your partner manage to hunt down and play all of the minigames It Takes Two has to offer, you'll both be rewarded with the 'Minigame Megalomaniac' achievement/trophy. You don't need to win every minigame for this accolade, but if either player feels the need to call for a rematch, you're probably doing it right.


  • Location: The first minigame takes place in the Shed and is impossible to miss. Dr. Hakim will prompt the pair to play as they traverse the level.
  • How to Play: The Cody player pops up through one of four holes, scoring points the longer he can stay without being bonked by May. The May player needs to hit Cody with the hammer as quickly as possible each time he pops up to drive up her score.

Flip The Switch

  • Location: After your first game of Whack-A-Cody, solve the next puzzle you encounter and then turn right. Look for a large metal disc, and approach it to play Flip the Switch. Have Cody stand on the square platform next to the disc while May hits the button in the center with her hammer to begin the minigame.
  • How to Play: In Flip the Switch, players race to hit targets as they appear – May runs to and fro with her hammer, while Cody shoots targets from above. The player that hits enough targets to fill their meter first is the winner.


  • Location: Once you've left the Shed, your travels will eventually take you to a giant soccer ball. When you see it, look around for a ropes-and-pulleys contraption. Have each player take a position on either side to begin the Tug-Of-War minigame.
  • How to Play: This is a simple button-mashing race; press the Interact button quickly and repeatedly to pull your partner into the hole in the center of the screen.

Plunger Dunger

  • Location: While exploring the Tree, the couple will find themselves on a blue fish. After they are thrown from it, gameplay resumes in a new area. Check the nearby tunnels for plunger guns facing one another – when each gun is manned by a player, Plunger Dunger can begin.
  • How to Play: In this minigame, fire your plunger gun at the targets that appear. Hitting a target will cause it to move towards your partner. If a target makes it to one player, the other player gets a point. Don't let the targets get near you and keep the pressure on your partner to win.

Tank Brothers

  • Location: After their ordeal at the Tree, the couple finds themselves in Rose's Room. At the beginning of the level, look around for a stack of pillows and climb to the top to find the Tank Brothers minigame.
  • How to Play: Maneuver your tank around the map and shoot your partner's tank. The first player to score three direct hits is the winner. Strategic use of cover can give you an edge.


  • Location: This minigame is easy to miss, so be on the lookout! After activating the first robot in Rose's Room, you'll be able to float up and down in the tunnels behind it. Just before reaching the first teleporter, look for a small opening and go inside to find a hidden portal. This will bring you to the Spacewalk minigame.
  • How to Play: Jump from cube to cube – each cube you land on changes it to your color. The player with the most cubes in their color when the timer runs out is the winner. Steal your partner's cubes whenever you can to come out on top.

Laser Tennis

  • Location: After you're done with Spacewalk, continue along the game's main path. As you float up the tunnel between the first and second groups of teleporters, look for another opening. Just like with Spacewalk, this will lead to a portal that brings you to a new minigame.
  • How to Play: In Laser Tennis, step on buttons that light up on your side of the field. This will cause lasers to appear on your opponent's side. Getting hit by a laser will deplete a character's health. The last player standing is the winner.


  • Location: After finishing the Spaced Out section of Rose's Room, look behind the blocks at the beginning of Hopscotch. You should see a diorama set up with the words "Rose's Rodeo" written in crayon. Approach the toys to begin the Rodeo minigame.
  • How to Play: In this minigame, watch your character for button inputs; press the correct button when the rings converge. Pressing the wrong button or getting the timing wrong three times will cause your character to be thrown from their mount, losing the game.

Feed The Reptile

  • Location: After the first rail-riding challenge in Hopscotch, follow the green pathway before continuing forward. You'll find some plastic lizard heads mounted on the wall; have both players station themselves in front of a ball thrower to start Feed The Reptile.
  • How to Play: Follow the prompts to load and fire balls, aiming to get them in the lizards' mouths. The player with the most hits when the timer runs out is the winner.

Batting Team

  • Location: After the Etch-A-Sketch segment in Rose's Room, be on the lookout for some toy baseball players to your right. Interact with them to start the Batting Team minigame.
  • How to Play: Despite being a baseball-themed game, Batting Team plays more like tetherball. Press the Interact button as the ball of your color approaches your batter; each successful hit earns you a point. The player with the highest score wins.


  • Location: Once you've entered the Once Upon A Time section of Rose's Room, look to your left in the castle courtyard. Approach the TV to play a round of Birdstar.
  • How to Play: Each player needs to hit the correct button when the symbol lines up with the ring at the bottom of their screen. The player with the most successful inputs wins.

Bomb Run

  • Location: After passing the gazebo in the Cuckoo Clock, look for an opening among the houses to your left. It leads to the Bomb Run minigame.
  • How to Play: In this minigame, both players have a bomb strapped to them that will explode when their timer runs out. Each checkpoint they reach slightly extends their timer. The player whose timer runs out loses. Watch the arrow after each checkpoint to learn the next one's location.

Horse Derby

  • Location: In the Cuckoo Clock's village, you can find a cardboard horse track near the lake. Have each player hop on one of the toy horses to begin Horse Derby.
  • How to Play: Press down to duck underneath obstacles and the Jump button to leap over hurdles. Each miss will knock your horse back, allowing your partner to pull ahead. The first horse across the finish line is the winner.

Icicle Throwing

  • Location: Once the couple rings the leftmost bell in the Snow Globe, the Icicle Throwing minigame will unlock nearby.
  • How to Play: Cody and May can compete to hit the most targets in sixty seconds. The targets move at different speeds and are at different distances, so prioritize the ones you can most easily hit. If you get an icicle through a ring and hit a target in one throw, you can earn double points.

Shuffle Board

  • Location: After ringing the center bell in the Snow Globe, visit the building near the Ferris wheel to play Shuffle Board.
  • How to Play: In this minigame, the players are trying to precisely push their pucks for points. Hold the Fire button and release it when the meter is charged. The more the meter is charged, the further the puck will go. Be careful not to let the meter charge all the way – if it lands in the red zone, your puck will fall off the board and you'll receive no points. You can either go for consistency and aim for the middle sections or play for high risk and high reward by trying to land right at the edge of the table.

Snow Warfare

  • Location: After activating the third and final bell tower in the Snow Globe, grapple one of the birds. After it drops you off, look for the sign that reads "Snowball Arena." This is the location of the Snow Warfare minigame.
  • How to Play: Move, aim, and shoot as you would during normal gameplay – hit the other player with five snowballs total to win the match.

Ice Race

  • Location: Before you activate the generator in the Snow Globe, be sure to stop by the Ice Race for a few rounds. The starting line has a checkered flag painted on the ice.
  • How to Play: Once both players are in position, the race begins; whichever player completes three laps first is the winner. Skating through a green ring will give you a speed boost – try not to miss any!

Garden Swings

  • Location: Upon reaching the Garden, climb the stone steps to your right to find the next minigame.
  • How to Play: In Garden Swings, you'll need to build up momentum by pressing down or up at the height of each swing. When you've built up the most momentum you can, press Jump while swinging forward. The better your timing, the further you'll jump. Whoever jumps the farthest is the winner. Try to jump at the last possible second to get the most buildup.

Larva Basket

  • Location: While navigating the mushrooms in the Garden, look for a path to the left. This leads to the Larva Basket minigame, where you'll need to time jumps and throws to feed bugs.
  • How to Play: As the discs on the pillar rotate, jump to the correct height and throw food to each bug as it pops out of its hole. The winner will be the player who gets the most hits before time is up.

Snail Race

  • Location: Look for a wooden crate after the rail-riding segment of the Frog Pond. The starting line for the Snail Race is on top of it.
  • How to Play: Your snail can only move forward in short bursts by pressing and releasing the Jump button. While charging for each lurch forward, aim with the left stick to control your snail's direction. The first player to cross the finish line wins.


  • Location: After reaching the Attic, look to your right as you make your way along the main path. You'll see a race track where you can play the Slotcars minigame.
  • How to Play: When both Cody and May are at a controller, the race can begin. Accelerate your car by holding the Fire button, but be sure to release the button and slow down so you can take corners without crashing. The first player to complete three laps wins the race.


  • Location: After being teleported back to the Attic's starting area, a new path will unlock. Follow that path and look for a chessboard to your right. When both players reach the board, a game of Chess can begin.
  • How to Play: There are no fancy gimmicks here – Cody and May are playing Chess, and the winner will be the player who forces a checkmate. Chess games can be quite long or quite short, so this has the potential to be the longest minigame you'll play.

Musical Chairs

  • Location: After you've had your fill of Chess, look for a path leading upwards. At the end of the path, jump across to a platform with a radio, where Cody and May can play Musical Chairs.
  • How to Play: When the minigame begins, wait for the music to stop then immediately press the button indicated on the screen. Each time you're faster than your partner, you'll get a point – the first player to three points wins.


  • Location: From the orchestra and giant organ area of the Symphony chapter, walk to the edge of the platform. There is a volleyball net below – hop down to play a new minigame.
  • How to Play: Move, jump, and hit the ball to get it to land on your partner's side of the net. The first player to score 12 points is the winner.

Track Runner

  • Location: After completing Symphony, you'll once again be returned to the Attic's starting area. A new path will open up; follow it and look for Track Runner arcade machines to your right.
  • How to Play: Press left and right to move your runner from side to side, and hit Jump to leap over obstacles. The player who makes the fewest mistakes will win the race. More importantly, you should see the Minigame Megalomaniac achievement unlock after playing as long as you've played all 24 other minigames!

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