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It Looks Like The Whole Sonic Gang Will Be V-Tubers

With the Sonic renaissance in full swing, Sega has a lot of information to throw our way, and a big fanbase to keep entertained. Most of this is done on the blue blur's Twitter account, with its shitposting and occasional character takeovers. Now, the YouTube account will be getting a whole lot more active too, with the Sonic gang becoming V-Tubers.

Tails was the first character to step in front of the camera last month, who then hosted a Q&A with Sonic. Now, Knuckles and Amy have joined the TailsTube broadcast, indicating that this will be a regular feature on the YouTube channel.

As you can see below, Knuckles joined Sonic and Tails for a chat halfway through the Japanese broadcast (thanks, Nintendo Life). Then, at the very end, Amy made a surprise appearance, meaning she'll likely be joining them next time.

Unfortunately, the show hasn't been translated into English at the time of writing. Still, non-Japanese speaking fans seem to be happy enough just seeing the new models, with the recent success of the Sonic 2 film giving the community a renewed sense of excitement.

This excitement, however, has been somewhat undermined by some troubling developments with Sonic Origins. This collection of retro Sonic games was initially warmly received by fans, but quickly drew criticism for its use of DRM, complicated pre-order bonuses, and most recently, having no physical release planned. On top of all that, Sega has also delisted the original titles so they can be replaced by Origins, a practice that is greatly frowned upon in the gaming community, but isn't unique to Sega.

Still, despite this, the movie and upcoming TV show offerings continue to excite fans. And with Sonic 3 and a Knuckles spin-off already planned, that won't be going away anytime soon.

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