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Islets: How To Beat The Runaway Plant

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Don't you just hate it when your plants start getting out of their pots and running away from you? When the start trying to eat you it's even worse. Well, this is what we have to deal with in Islets – a verifiable Runaway Plant that used to belong to an adorable rabbit gardener but now clings to a ceiling and prevents you from making progress.

Beating this Little Shop of Horrors reject will likely require some practice and some fast reflexes. We hope you brought some weedkiller- no? Just a sword? We'll make do – here's how to turn the Runaway Plant into cuttings.

The Runaway Plant's Attacks

The Runaway Plant will spend the entirety of this boss fight attached to the ceiling, so it's quite hard to attack. Unfortunately, it has plenty of attacks to get you.

AttackDescriptionHow To Counter
Thorny VinesThis attack starts with four orange-tipped spines shooting out of the plant. The plant then shoots multiple vines at you in succession that root into the ground. Touching any part of the vine will damage you.A consistent tactic to avoid this attack is to dodge roll to one side as soon as it starts and then immediately start walking to the opposite direction. Don't dodge roll or jump, as you might run out of room and get cornered. Your normal walking pace should give you enough room – don't try to dodge roll through the vines.
SnapThe plant's head will track you closely for a few moments before shooting down to try and bite you.Dodge roll out of the way before the plant bites you.
Spike FloorExclamation marks will appear on the ground and two platforming clouds will appear in the air. After a short moment, the entire floor is covered in damaging spikes. The plant will then start shooting spiky balls at the ground in the center of the stage.This is a platforming puzzle – you must leap from cloud to cloud through the center of the stage, avoiding the spiky balls and never hitting the floor. You can't stay on one side of the stage as the clouds take a short while to respawn.
Enraged Spike FloorSimilar to the first phase, but instead of two clouds, there are three. Instead of short spikes, the room is filled with very long spears.For this attack, you'll need to use the staggered clouds to reach the top of the stage to avoid the spears completely. You don't have much time to accomplish this.
Enraged Spike BombsThe plant moves from one side of the arena to the other, dropping large bombs as it goes. Touching the bombs will damage you. After a while on the ground, the bombs explode into a shower of projectiles in a predictable, yet hard-to-dodge pattern.A good way to attempt to avoid this attack is by using your dodge roll invincibility frames to dodge into the middle of a bomb that's already exploding. This should give you enough room to find a safe spot to stand as the projectiles fall around you.

How To Beat The Runaway Plant

It's around this point in the game that you're likely figuring out how overpowered the sword slam attack is – unfortunately, you can't use this against the plant for obvious reasons. Instead, you'll be relying on your normal sword combo.

  • There are upgrades in the game that power up the third hit of a combo. This combo is not broken by jumps – you can use this to better aim your attacks when the plant is higher up in the arena. Jump, attack once, then perform your second jump before attacking twice more. This way, you should get that sweet damage-boosted third strike consistently.
  • When jumping from side to side during the Spike Floor attack, it's easy to overshoot your jumps and end up damaged by the spiky balls that the plant shoots. A good way to tackle this attack is to always double jump from the ground and land on the top of one of the clouds to start, and then only use the clouds to jump, never double jumping, as it'll mess up the rhythm. You can rely on the uplift provided by the clouds to get you to safety.
    • Note that THIS IS NOT TRUE when playing on Hard mode. On Hard mode, the spiky balls come out in a far closer pattern, so you'll need to use double jumps to stop yourself bounding right into them. Jump on a cloud, move next to the stream of balls, and then double jump through the gap when you see one.
  • The same can be said of the phase two version of this attack – don't try to get high up by panic-mashing the jump button, or you won't actually be able to get enough height.
  • A good rule of thumb is to always land on the top of the clouds, not use them by jumping through them. This is the best way to get the most height and seems to be what the fight intends.
  • There aren't very many opportunities to attack this boss thanks to how much time it spends near the top of the arena. Try to use your bow as much as you can in this fight, but not to the detriment of your dodging.
  • You'll get your final seed of the area when beating this boss – return it to the garden at the beginning of the island.

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