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Ironlights’ Latest Update Adds Voice Chat, Reaper Class & More

Virtual reality (VR) developer E McNeill released his latest title, PvP dueler Ironlights back in April, offering a unique blend of melee combat. Now he’s released a new update expanding the feature set as well as launching tournaments.

When it comes to new content Ironlights has a new character class to player with, the Reaper. Armed with a deadly scythe, the Reaper fits the name with a skull inspired helmet design and is the first of several new classes to come.

Another big addition is Voice Chat. It’s a feature players have been asking for with the developer explaining on Reddit: “I had a lot of concerns about trash-talking and toxic behavior, so *both* players have to opt-in to voice chat before it will connect you, and you can disable the conversation with a single button press at any time. Since it’s a one-on-one game, I’m hoping that will make for a more friendly environment.”

Not stopping there, E McNeill has confirmed that the game mechanics are now customisable so players can tailor private matches. This now includes the ability to remove the slow-motion function, allow players to have unlimited energy, expand the play area as well as enabling both players to hit each other in melee rather than in turns.

To encourage and reward the community Ironlights will soon feature tournaments. Held every couple of weeks, players can enter any Minor League tournament then finish in the top 3 to win $30 USD. This will automatically move them onto the Major League, unable to revert back to the Minor League. “The idea is to prevent the same people from winning the prizes over and over again, and we want to ensure that talented newcomers will have a realistic shot of winning!” To signup for the tournament head to the Ironlights Discord.

VRFocus reviewed the Oculus Quest version of Ironlights, saying: “There are plenty of impressive elements to Ironlights which give the videogame a unique presence in the market. While the style of gameplay can be repetitive and a little frustrating at points, it can also be rewarding and satisfying once the kinks are worked out.”

As further updates are released for Ironlights, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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