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Indie Game The Wandering Village Where You Build A City On The Back Of A Giant Creature Announces Demo

It can be hard for video games to stand out, especially in a genre as saturated with heavy hitters as city-building. Well, how about a city-builder that takes place on a giant roaming creature? The Wandering Village has generated a lot of attention over the last few months, and the demo for it is out now.

The Wandering Village is the latest game from indie developer Stray Fawn Studio. In it, you lead a group of people who have to flee their homes due to an infestation of toxic spores. Fortunately, they find a huge creature they can live and escape on.

In a Reddit post made by one of the devs, they say that after two years in development a demo is finally here. You can download it on Steam now. If you're worried that the setting of the game is just a pointless gimmick that will get stale soon, fear not, the dev addressed these concerns directly.

The game is centered on mechanics involving the creature your citizens are riding on. You have to ensure the creature's survival or you'll lose the game. A solemn look at a dead member of its species at the end of the trailer shows that despite their size, they're not invincible.

The creature will wander through different biomes that will provide different perks and challenges for you to utilise and overcome. As well as tending to the creature, you have to ensure the survival of your residents. Toxic biomes will infect your crops and cold ones could freeze things over.

You can also give the creatures certain commands. Whether or not it listens to you is a different matter which is determined by how much trust you've built up with it. It's unclear how this trust will be built up or what specific commands you can give it.

Finally, in a very dark turn, you'll also have the ability to pump blood out of the creature in order to feed your villagers. We imagine doing this too much will weaken the creature and your bond with it.

You can sign up to the beta for the game if you can't wait for it to hit early access.

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