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In Death: Unchained to get Oculus Quest 2 Upgrades & Free DLC

If you pre-ordered your Oculus Quest 2 hopefully its arrived by now and you’re enjoying its VR delights. Quite a few developers made use of the extra processing juice to make their videogames look better and Superbright will soon be doing the same for roguelite In Death: Unchained.

Just like all the others, In Death: Unchained is going to get a graphical upgrade on the new headset. While the the team has been working on upgrades and optimizations across the board, one of particular note (and shown in these images) is the draw distance. In fact, the studio has been able to display the whole world at once, making for some impressive looking scenery, almost like the original title.

“We’re incredibly excited for the release of Quest 2, we think the headset delivers the true consumer VR option we’ve all been waiting for, and we couldn’t be happier to support it and make In Death: Unchained even better, with some of the updates trickling down to Quest 1 as well,” said Superbright’s CEO Wojtek Podgorski in a statement.

Superbright hasn’t detailed all the improvements just yet as they’re still being worked on, with the upgrade going live later this month. Additionally, the studio is working on free DLC for both Oculus Quest 1 & 2, to be released in November. What this will contain is still under wraps.

In Death: Unchained arrived for Oculus Quest in July, a bow shooter set in the afterlife where you have to fight through hordes of demonic creatures across procedurally generated levels. Dying resets the game, making the monsters harder whilst giving you new bonuses to aid the next run through.

VRFocus gave In Death: Unchained a four-star review, saying: “For those that have played the original, In Death: Unchained isn’t a massive change with the main bonus being the wireless freedom Oculus Quest provides as well as the new Abyss area. If you happen to be new to the franchise and a fan of bow videogames like Apex Construct then In Death: Unchained  shouldn’t be overlooked.”

As further details regarding the enhancements and DLC are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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