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"Impossible" Joke Track In Guitar Hero Has Finally Been Beaten

The Guitar Hero community can be, at times, a bit masochistic. That’s sort of what happens when your game is over 15 years old–people keep clamoring for greater challenges until you wind up with something that’ll make any normal person’s fingers bleed.

Take the Soulless line of songs from Guitar Hero community user ExileLord. These songs were created with the sole intent of providing professional Guitar Hero players with something that could challenge them far more than endlessly replaying DragonForce. All of the Soulless songs (and there are six of them) require extremely advanced techniques and stamina. Soulless 4 is 12 minutes long, while Soulless 5 is almost 17 minutes.

Soulless 6 is different. At just 45-seconds long, it’s one of the shortest songs you can find on Guitar Hero (or more accurately, Clone Hero, the fan-made Guitar Hero clone that allows for user-created content). However, those 45 seconds contain some of the densest note combinations you’ll ever see.

ExileLord initially made Soulless 6 as an April Fools joke back in 2011, skipping both Soulless 4 and 5 (which both would both release years later) because it was “too hard.” And by “too hard,” ExileLord meant “virtually impossible.”

As you can see, it doesn’t seem like a human could ever actually play Soulless 6. Perhaps a 12-armed alien or an octopus, but two hands and 10 fingers seem woefully inadequate. Many have tried to play Soulless 6, but none have ever achieved a Full Combo. Soulless 6 then became a meme within the Guitar Hero community as the impossible song.

And yet, 10 years later, a human has actually fully completely Soulless 6 without making a single mistake.

Guitar Hero streamer CarnyJared performed the impossible last week. After one failed attempt, he completed the 45-second song without making any errors.

It’s really hard to actually follow any of CarnyJared’s finger movements, but as Eurogamer explains, part of what allowed him to complete Soulless 6 was a technique called “ghosting” where he’d actually fret notes that weren’t required. This doesn’t count as a mistake simply because Clone Hero doesn’t scan fast enough to count the wrong notes in with the right ones.

But according to ExileLord, this technique is really only possible in Clone Hero/Guitar Hero 1. If Soulless 6 were in Guitar Hero 3, it’d be “twice as difficult” as the timing window between notes gets “cut in half.”

Still, this doesn’t take away from CarnyJared’s accomplishment in any way. He’s played the impossible song to its fullest and is so far the only human to have ever done so.

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