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I Hate Your Deck Deletes An Episode And Goes Private Amid Abuse Allegations

I Hate Your Deck has come under fire once again, as a guest on the MTG show withdraws her consent to have her episode shared on YouTube. The guest, Rachel Weeks, told I Hate Your Deck that she did not want them to use the episode she appeared in after she became aware of the allegations made against their host, Michael David Lynch.

Despite initially uploading the video without Weeks' consent, it has now been made private. I Hate Your Deck's Twitter account has also been locked down, but there's no update on whether Michael David Lynch will be leaving the show, and what this move would mean for its future.

Weeks' took to Twitter yesterday, claiming that she told the crew on April 1 that she does not want to appear in any more episodes. She says there was no contract compelling them to upload episodes she had already recorded. She further claims that she recorded the episode before she had any knowledge of the allegations made against Lynch.

It doesn't appear that the IHYD crew has been in touch with Weeks, but the episode has been made private. The official Twitter account has also gone private.

As we reported last month, Lynch has been accused of a "pattern of abuse" by an actor he worked with in 2013. Actor Benita Robledo says Lynch pressured her into filming a nude scene, with the promise that they would use shots without nudity if she requested it. When she asked Lynch to do just that, she says he refused to give her footage he had helped her record for a separate web series her and some friends had been working on. "He told me that if he didn't get his nudity, I wouldn't get my footage", Robledo said. "That is not a disagreement, that is blackmail."

Among other things, Robledo also claims that Lynch refused to hand over an acting award she had won unless she posed with him on the red carpet. He would also allegedly make inappropriate comments about her appearance while filming.

Since then, sponsors have pulled their support from IHYD. Despite this, Lynch is still involved with the show, but in the wake of the renewed scrutiny, it appears that he has deleted his Twitter account. He denies the allegations, and has previously suggested that Robledo was happy to record the nude scenes.

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