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Hyper Beam In Pokemon Legends: Arceus Is Complete Overkill

Pokemon Legends: Arceus finally arrived last Friday and many of us have just spent the entire weekend playing it. Between the reviews last week and the rest of the world sharing their opinions and experiences the last few days, it appears pretty much everyone loves it. How good the game looks is still up for debate, but as for the gameplay and the premise itself, it seems to be thumbs up all around.

If you haven't had the chance to play Legends: Arceus yet, without spoiling the game for you too much, you assume the role of a trainer who has fallen out of a rift in the sky (no, really). You then get right to work aiding the residents of the nearby Jubilife Village to learn about Pokemon and piece together the first-ever Pokedex. Everyone appears to be absolutely fine that the hole in the sky, which appears to have been a feature for a while, now has people falling out of it. Again, really.

You'll then head off on excursions to find, catch, and study every single Pokemon you can find. Some will be skittish and run away if you get too close, while others will charge at and attack you if they think you're up to something. You can also use the Pokemon you have already caught to battle these wild monsters, and some of them will be more aggressive than others.

One of the angrier Pokemon you come across during the early game is Paras. The Paras can be found in what is effectively their very own habitat, with a rather terrifying Parasect in the middle. If you choose to take on that Parasect, you will likely be hit with what might well be the most over-the-top take on Pokemon's hyper beam the series has ever seen. As you can see in the clip above, the poor trainer's Ponyta never stood a chance.

Hyper beam has always been a pretty powerful move and has been a part of the Pokemon games since Red and Blue. It was never framed as a move that blasts its opponent into a fine powder as the move seems to do in Legends: Arceus. Word of advice, even though there are some tempting items to collect in its lair, probably steer clear of the giant Parasect until a Pokemon in your party knows hyper beam and can at least put up a fight.

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