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"Human Combat Is Max 30 Percent" Of Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties Six-Hour Story

Techland has revealed that Dying Light 2's upcoming Bloody Ties DLC will have a six-hour main story, not counting side quests. In addition, the first expansion appears to have much less focus on human combat than fans might expect from the teaser.

Dying Light 2 lead gameplay designer Tymon Smektała shed some light on Bloody Ties' features on Twitter, addressing the community's concerns regarding the upcoming expansion. The developer shared a YouTube fan video titled 'Dying Light 2 New DLC Has a Massive Problem' that examines all we currently know about the DLC. They claim that Techland made the mistake of centering Bloody Ties events around the human gladiator arena, which isn't the biggest strength of the original game.

To that, Smektała has a word or two to say to reassure fans, "I hope it'll surprise you. It has a chunky 6hrs+ story, quite a few side quests, plenty of encounters with the Infected, human combat is max 30% of it. Plus some hidden secrets."

According to Smektała, you can expect Bloody Ties to offer six to ten hours of new content, given the extra time to complete all the side quests and search for new secrets.

The fact that Bloody Ties will also offer plenty of encounters with the Infected and not just a straightforward human arena brawl is reassuring, too. Fans love to meet new characters in Dying Light 2 and solve their problems, and hopefully, Bloody Ties will also deliver more of that.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human — Bloody Ties will be available starting October 13, so get ready to kill even more zombies and a handful of humans for good measure.

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