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Huge Square Enix Summer Sale Discounts Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, And More Games

Square Enix has just kicked off its Natsumatsuri Summer Sale in its online store. The sale discounts a number of its best games for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch as well as a selection of action figures, statues, and other merchandise. If you’re a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest fan, then this sale is well worth checking out. It runs from now until Thursday, July 30 at 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET.

Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package bundles the entire series, including Kingdom Hearts III, on PS4, and you can snag it for only $40 right now–if you’re okay with a digital-only copy, however, you can get Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package for $30 on the PS4 Store. Collection of Mana is only $25 and gets you Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana, the latter of which had never released in North America prior to this collection. A number of Final Fantasy games are also on sale, including Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for $30 each.

In addition to modern platforms, there are also quite a few games available for the original PlayStation and PS2, including Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Origins, and Final Fantasy IX as well as Final Fantasy X, Dawn of Mana, and Kingdom Hearts.

A selection of figures, statues, and plushes are also available at a discount, including a gorgeous Aerith figure, a cute Cloud Strife plush, and some colourful and expressive Dragon Quest figures–you can get Dragon Quest III’s Hero and Dragon Quest XI’s Luminary for $72 each, not to mention many of the latter’s best companions for varying prices.

You can see the full Natsumatsuri Summer Sale at Square Enix.

The best Square Enix deals


  • Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package (PS4) — $40 ($50)
  • Collection of Mana (Switch) — $25 ($40)
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 (PS4/Xbox One/Switch) — $30 ($40)
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4/Xbox One/Switch) — $30 ($40)
  • Chrono Cross (PS1) — $9 ($15)
  • Final Fantasy Origins (PS1) — $9 ($15)
  • Final Fantasy IX(PS1) — $9 ($15)
  • Final Fantasy X (PS2) — $12 ($20)
  • Dawn of Mana (PS2) — $18 ($30)
  • Kingdom Hearts (PS2) — $12 ($20)


  • Aerith Final Fantasy 7 Play Arts figure — $120 ($150)
  • Dragon Quest III’s Hero figure — $72 ($90)
  • Dragon Quest XI’s Luminary figure — $72 ($90)
  • Dragon Quest XI’s Erik figure — $72 ($90)
  • Cloud Strife Final Fantasy Bring Arts figure — $72 ($90)
  • Sephiroth Final Fantasy Bring Arts figure — $72 ($90)
  • Sora Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts figure — $56 ($70)
  • Lightning Dissidia Fantasy Fantasy Play Arts figure — $105 ($150)


  • Cloud Strife Final Fantasy 7 plush — $16 ($20)
  • Sephiroth Final Fantasy 7 plush — $16 ($20)
  • Squall Final Fantasy 8 plush — $16 ($20)
  • Chocobo Knight plush — $28 ($35)
  • Chocobo Freelancer plush — $22.39 ($28)
  • Mickey Mouse Kingdom Hearts plush — $40 ($50)

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