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How To Get Return To Naxxramas Cards In Hearthstone

Return To Naxxramas is a Hearthstone mini-set that introduces 38 new, unique cards, including a variety of commons, rares, epics, and Legendaries. It brings the new Death Knight class up to scratch with some fitting card mechanics from previous Hearthstone expansions, including a Colossal card and a Location.

There are also a bunch of new hybrid minions and other useful cards that will make an impact in the meta, but you can read about those in our general Naxxramas guides and coverage. This short guide is all about how to acquire the new cards added.

How Much Does The Naxxramas Bundle Cost?

There are two versions of the bundle that you can pick up via the in-game store, the Normal version and the Gold version. These are exactly the same in terms of what cards you get, but the Gold version means all your cards will be Golden. Ideal if you're an old-school Hearthstone collector.

Normal Version

Gold Version

  • 2,000 Gold
  • 1,500 Runestones
  • 10,000 Gold
  • £62.99


  • 38 Unique Cards
  • 2 copies of Epic, Common, Rare cards, and 1 copy of each Legendary card (72 total cards)


  • 38 Unique Cards
  • A unique Diamond copy of Thaddius, Monstrosity Legendary Card
  • 2 Golden copies of Epic, Common, Rare, and 1 copy of each Legendary card for a total (72 Golden cards)

There's clearly a big difference in price here. 1,500 Runestones will set you back £13 rather than £62.99. This is, however, still the easiest way to get all of the cards in the set in one go.

You Can Pack These Cards In Regular March Of The Lich King Packs

As well as in the standalone bundle, you can also pack various Naxxramas cards in regular March of The Lich King packs, which can be earned by playing the game, completing objectives, and spending cash. For example, you can earn card packs via the in-game pass. New events may come in the next few weeks that will let you access free card packs.

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