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Horizon Zero Dawn’s First Issue Cover Variants For Graphic Novel Revealed

Horizon Zero Dawn comic fans should rejoice, a second arc is coming, Liberation. Following the overwhelming success of the first comic arc, Titan and Guerilla have announced a second arc starring Aloy and Erend. The comic will continue to be written by Horizon Zero Dawn Narrative Director Ben McCaw and game writer Anne Toole.

Some stunning covers have been unveiled for the new comic arc, with five available. Liberation is set during the events of the original game, featuring a never-before-told adventure that takes place as Aloy and Erend hunt for his sister’s killer.

It’s no surprise that the Horizon comic has been greenlit for a second arc. The first arc sold over 60,000 copies, making it one of the best sold comics of August 2020. The artwork of the new cover variants come from artists such as Peach Monoko, who has contributed art to Captain Marvel and Spider-Gwen, and Harvey Tolibao, who has worked on Uncanny X-Men and Green Arrow.

The first issue of the new comic arc is hitting comic book stores and digital devices July 14, so hopefully that will be enough to satiate you until Horizon Forbidden West is released sometime later this year. The first comic arc actually serves as a bridge between the two games, featuring Talanah, Sunhawk of the Hunters Lodge. The comics promise that Talanah’s story will be continued in Forbidden West.

If you can’t wait for the new comic to come out, you could always try to unlock Fortnite’s new Aloy skin and use the bow to get a win. If you somehow haven’t played Zero Dawn yet, Sony are giving it away to PlayStation owners for free as part of its Play At Home program. It’s free right now on the PSN store. If you’ve already got it, you could play it again, there are loads of great reasons to, or you could give new game plus a go, as this can be even better than your first playthrough.

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