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Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC Is A PS5 Exclusive

The Game Awards was packed with big announcements, as promised, some of which leaked ahead of time. One bit of info that leaked beforehand was the reveal Horizon Forbidden West will be getting DLC in 2023. What might have been missed by most during the trailer confirming the DLC at Thursday night's event is that only those who played the base game on PS5 will be getting it.

Spotted by GamesRadar, the trailer made the disappointing reveal for those who played Forbidden West on PS4 that their journeys with Aloy will not continue. At the time of typing this, no reason from Guerrilla nor PlayStation has been given for what was previously touted as a cross-gen game at launch becoming a current-gen exclusive when its story continues on April 19.

Aloy will venture to Los Angeles in the Burning Shores DLC, and although very little regarding the Horizon story was covered in what was a relatively short trailer, it still managed to show off some pretty major stuff. Aloy flew past the Hollywood sign on a giant robot bird, confirming where in the world she is, before the Hollywood Hills themselves came to life as the mech beneath them rose up, seemingly to chase down Horizon's hero.

Two years on from the launch of the PS5, PlayStation and other studios have continued to launch games on both it and the PS4. As we venture deeper into the current generation of consoles, that understandably becomes more difficult to accomplish without sacrificing quality. While God Of War Ragnarok managed to pull off a cross-gen launch last month, Gotham Knights outright canceled its last-gen edition just a few months before it was due to arrive.

Horizon fans are set to have what could turn out to be a pretty great 2023. On top of the Burning Shores DLC for Forbidden West, the previously announced VR spinoff Call of the Mountain was also shown off again at The Game Awards. Netflix is also working on a Horizon adaptation, something fans may well get a first look at in 2023 if the project is on track.

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