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Hooked On You: How To Romance Each Killer

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  • How To Romance Huntress
  • How To Romance Spirit
  • How To Romance Trapper
  • How To Romance Wraith

Dead By Daylight's blood-soaking dating sim, Hooked On You, is a rom-com gone very, very wrong. You'll need to protect your heart out there, on the sandy shores of Murderer's Island if you don't want it to be ripped out of your chest – quite literally.

Winning the love of your beau is no easy task, however, and one wrong decision could spell the difference between living unhappily ever after and falling in love at first smite. Here's a breakdown of each romance pathway in Hooked On You to help ensnare the Killer of your nightmares.

How To Romance Huntress

If Anna's rippling biceps and deft handiwork with an axe makes your dark heart all a-flutter, here are the choices you need to make to make sure that her love is true.

Day One Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Meeting the KillersThrow the ball back

Any power

Not good-looking

Skipping school


Any job

Choosing where to go firstVolleyball
Dwight and Claudette ask who you have your eye onHuntress
Who to talk to after the gameHuntress
Huntress asks about your skillsImagination
After missing a few swings at the minigame and not wanting to eat"Sorry"
Huntress offers you some beef jerkyAccept it
Huntress struggles with the hairclipTeach her a thing or two
Choose someone to tell a storyHuntress
Her story ends sadlySing the lullaby with her
She tells you more about herself"No way! How cool!"
She makes a jokeAwkward chuckle
Need to choose someone to come hang out before bedHuntress

Day Two Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Choose someone for a dateHuntress
Visiting the cabin with her"I could learn to like this!"
The crabs attackGrab a shashka
She asks if you want a family"Of course!"
She tells you that she has a theory about the island"Totally"
Trapper disrupts the dateChoose Huntress
She asks you a question"Like what?"
You're asked to talk about your date in front of the othersTell of your brush with death
Choose someone for a campfire storyHuntress
Choose someone for the evening dateHuntress
What to do after choosing a mask"Let's get out of here"
Mushroom quizBlack mushroom

Yellow chanterelle

Green mushroom

Huntress puts herself down"You're no bumpkin"

Day Three

SituationSuggested Response
Choose your dateHuntress
Playing the minigamesDon't get a perfect score, but do your best
Meeting her mother"It's an honour!"
Huntress asks if it's ok that her mother stays"Of course"
Mother asks what your intentions are with Anna"Start a family"
Anna professes her love and asks you to kill the Survivors with herKill them

How To Romance Spirit

Rin Yamaoka, with her bored demeanour and sharp tongue, is an especially tough nut to crack. There is a certain knack to winning her heart, so follow this pathway if you want to get out the fiend-zone.

Day One Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Meeting the KillersSay nothing, do nothing


Average looks



Not work at all

First date locationLounge
Drink orderVirgin daiquiri
Favourite classic horror bookDracula
Spin the bottleSave and reload until you get Spirit
Cutting meat for dinnerGet mostly not bad or perfect hits
When you feel woozy at dinner"Sorry"
When Spirit sits with you at the campfire"You've always been alone"
When she keeps pressing you"Nothing but darkness"
Choose someone for a story at the fireSpirit
When she starts cryingHug her
When she asks if you believe her"Who cares?"
Choose someone to sit with you at bedtimeSpirit

Day Two Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Choose your dateSpirit
She asks if you want sunscreenYes
She asks if you want helpYes
You notice her floating handsSay nothing
Your date is interruptedChoose Spirit
She asks what you think of cherry blossomsFrustrated
You're asked about your date in front of the othersBe coy about your date
Choose someone at the campfireChoose Spirit
Choose a date after the storyLounge
Get wasted with Dwight and ClaudetteStay sober
What drink should you make?Dark and Stormy

Day Three Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Choose your final dateSpirit
She asks if you'd rather not risk going to the lighthouseGo up, maybe die
The Trapper gives you a quiz after you wake up in the tunnelRin Yamaoka

A dragon

A restaurant

Not being seen for who you truly are

Kill Dwight with Spirit?Kill Dwight

How To Romance Trapper

What exactly do you see in Evan Macmillan, aside from the stacks of cash and that bizarre 1950s unitard swimsuit? If your type is arrogant rich boys with more red flags than a Spanish bullfighter who can cleave you in two in half a second flat, here's how to trap the Trapper.

Day One Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Meeting the Killers"No, thanks!"

Very attractive



Any animal

Any job

Choose your first date locationTrapper's yacht
Choose a dishBeef carpaccio
Dwight and Claudette loiterGet rid of them
Slice meat at dinnerGet a perfect score – or miss them all
When they ask why you're not eating"Sorry"
When Trapper offers to show you a drawing"Yes"
Choose someone at campfire to tell a storyTrapper
Trapper's story ends"Now THAT'S a story!"
When Trapper is looking for affirmationHonesty is the best policy
He throws a cleaver at DwightLaugh
Call someone to your side at bedtimeTrapper

Day Two Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Choose your dateTrapper
When Trapper invites you to his caveAssume it's a trap
He tells you not to go near the water"Don't tell me what to do!"
When Trickster tries to sway youStay loyal to Trapper
Trickster asks whyCall him a phony
Trapper leaves you alone for a momentSnoop around
Trapper offers you a drink"Hell yeah!"
Huntress tries to sway youStay loyal to Trapper
Trapper asks if you want kidsNo
He asks if you like his drawing"Interesting…" or "It's terrible"
When asked about your date at dinnerSay nothing
Dwight and Claudette ask if you need anythingIgnore them
Choose someone for a story at the fireTrapper
Trapper's story endsSay nothing
Choose someone else after storytimeTrapper
Trapper asks why you chose the spotIt's another test


Maybe, maybe not


Day Three Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Choose your final dateChoose Trapper
He asks what you're looking forPower or Love
When you can ask him a questionAsk what he wants in a partner
Will you go into the cave?Only if he promises not to kill you
Tell him a secret?Tell him your deepest darkest secret
After he tells the story of his dadCan follow your dreams now
His dad shows up"Uh, is he okay?" and "No, don't believe you"
Trapper lets you ask him questionsChoose any – he will be angry either way
Trapper's dad asks you questionsNever

Partner in crime



Trapper leaves againSnoop around
Trapper propositions you"Finally!"
At the ceremony, when Trapper asks you to kill his dadMeh

Depends upon the person


Never could kill a Macmillan man

When Trapper confesses his loveYes, I love Trapper

How To Romance Wraith

Sensitive, quiet, and deeply mysterious, Philip is the soft-hearted gentle soul of your nightmares. If you want the Hawaiian-clad hunk to sweep you off your feet, you'll need to follow this exact option pathway.

Day One Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Meeting the KillersKick the ball back


Not attractive


Any animal/colour


Choose your first date locationSwimming pool
Choose your pool toyGoggles and snorkel
When Wraith jumps in with youTake his shirt off
When Dwight gets picked onDefend Dwight
When the Killers wonder why you're not eating dinner"Sorry"
Wraith asks if you're nervous like him"No"
Wraith shows you his bellHold it gently
Choose someone for the story at the fireChoose Wraith
After Wraith finishes the story and there is a silenceAsk about the story
In the hot tub, he asks what you think of the character in his storySay you'd forgive him
When he asks more about what you thinkYes and no
Choosing someone to come sit with you at bedtimeChoose Wraith

Day Two Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Choose your dateChoose Wraith
When Wraith takes you to his lairBe cute
When he asks you a question"I have no idea"
When you see the potionsMix them up
When he asks about your family and what you rememberRemember your grandma
When you're looking for something to break the silenceComment on the beautiful night
Wraith's astronomy quizCetus

The Zodiac


Playing Truth or DareDare

That's not a dare

Tell him to take his shirt off

Spirit tries to sway your affectionsCall her a hypocrite
When asked about your date in front of the othersSay you had a great time and don't talk about the Hatch
Choosing someone for the campfire storyChoose Wraith
Choosing who to hang out with after the storyChoose Wraith
When Wraith seems upsetGive him a massage
Selecting something to cheer him upGet down and dirty
Choosing what design to build in the sandMermaid Dwight
When Dwight asks for help or he will drownHelp Dwight

Day Three Choices

SituationSuggested Response
Choose your final dateChoose Wraith
When Wraith says he didn't think he lived up to your expectations"You could never disappoint me"
Looking for Wraith's bellAt Huntress's cabin, say you're pranking Wraith

At the lighthouse, go with Trickster to IP Island

At Trapper's cave, ignore the voice and leave the coin

When you go back to the lighthouse, ask Spirit if she sent Trickster to trick you

When Wraith says you need to finish this"What are we finishing?"
Grandma Abi comes to visitRepeat the astronomy quiz answers same as before
Wraith wants you to cut his heart out, so he can escape the islandAccept Wraith's love

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