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#HoldUbisoftAccountable Trends Amidst Accessibility Tweet

Ubisoft shared a video on Twitter about their strides in accessibility within games and their goals to improve. The celebration of accessibility was immediately flooded with comments and retweets using #HoldUbisoftAccountable.

This is because, only earlier this week, reports came out that, amidst revelations of Ubisoft’s workplace misconduct and abuse, that little had been done to rectify the issue. Claims were made from Ubisoft that it would teach mandatory anti-sexism training while also firing those involved.

However, it was found in an investigation conducted by French publication Le Telegramme that little has been done and that those at “the heart of the harassment scandal” still work for the company. This is being taken to court by the French Union Solidaires Informatique Jeu Vidéo.

The hashtag came about last night from AsAlwaysPodcast co-host James who said that they refuse to, going forward, purchase or even critique Ubisoft games what with them keeping the HR members at the company who helped to cover up the misconduct that was widely reported.

“From this point on, I won’t even consider purchasing a Ubisoft product until I see genuine change and restructuring and we understand what they are doing to make it safer for people. The man at the top has to go. Will he? Who knows, but he fucking needs to. If there’s one thing you take away from this video, I hope you no longer [purchase Ubisoft products] as well.”

The video gained traction immediately with plenty of retweets containing the hashtag. This was fuelled by not only last night’s heartfelt message from James but also Ubisoft’s tweet about accessibility, leading to the hashtag trending online. For now, fans can show their concern and distaste through boycotts and public pressure, while the French union seeks justice via the legal system

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