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Hitman 3: How To Complete The Medium Rare Challenge In Chongqing

The most fun you can have in Hitman 3 is by planning out the perfect assassination. It’s even better if you can avoid even being in the room when the deed is done. Such is the case with the Medium Rare challenge, part of the End Of An Era campaign mission in Chongqing.

One of your targets is Imogen Royce, a tech genius with a machine that can essentially predict an individual’s behavior based on data collected. The goal of the Medium Rare challenge is to kill Royce by turning on the Core Cleansing procedure. The thing is, you need to make sure an employee turns it on. Here’s how you do it and it’s actually a lot simpler than you think.

Getting Into The ICA Facility

Getting into the ICA Facility is relatively straightforward. You just need to do the Certainty Principle Mission Story. It has Agent 47 taking the disguise of an ICA employee getting a tour of Royce’s facility. Since it’s a Mission Story, the game will guide you on what your tasks are. So just keep doing the Mission Story until you finish and end up in a room where Royce informs you of the sophistication of her Data Core.

She will refer to three specific employees; Alicia Reynolds, Jeremy Bolt, and Sharon Reed. Upon firing these three, Royce’s data collection can predict what they will immediately do next.

  • Jeremy Bolt will get upset and call his mother. He’ll then go and talk to Royce’s personal guard for advice.
  • Alicia Reynolds will immediately go and turn off the Safety Mechanism for Royce’s Data Core.
  • Sharon Reed will decide to finish her work and turn on the Core Cleansing.

Firing The Employees

After Royce explains this, she’ll leave Agent 47 in the room. In this room, you’ll be able to fire all three employees from the computer. However, you have to do it in a specific order and make sure it’s timed correctly. Thankfully, you’ll have cameras on all three employees and the Data Core so you can plan it out accordingly.

Follow this exact order for the Medium Rare Challenge:

  • First, fire Jeremy immediately after Royce leaves the room. As predicted, Jeremy will get on the phone and then leave his post. His post happens to be guarding the entrance to the Data Core.
  • Wait until Royce leaves the Data Core. This is the first place she’ll go to after she leaves you in the room. You need her out of the Data Core before firing the next person.
  • Once Royce leaves the Data Core, immediately fire Alicia. She’ll get mad and go into the Data Core, turning off the safety mechanism. Since Jeremy was fired, he won’t be guarding the Core so Alicia can go in without being stopped.
  • After Alicia leaves the Data Core and disables the Safety Mechanism, you’ll need to wait once again. This wait will be longer as Royce needs to do her normal routine. Royce will eventually go back into the Data Core.
  • Once Royce is in the Data Core, fire Sharon. She will turn on the Core Cleansing procedure. Since the Safety Mechanism is disabled, it will ignore the fact that Royce is in there.

Just like that, you’re done! Royce will be cooked alive all thanks to her god complex. It’s very ironic, actually. There are hundreds of employees but she happens to tell 47 the exact three employees that can spell her doom if fired in the correct order.

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