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High On Life’s Humour Will Roll Into Its Achievements

Video game characters quipping and talking to themselves was new and fun when Nathan Drake and Ellie did it, but the more popular the concept got, the more insufferable these talkative characters became. This was pretty evident when the world collectively rolled its eyes at the Forspoken trailer, where the protagonist just wouldn't shut up. Maybe that's why Squanch Games decided to let the weapons in High on Life do all the talking, literally.

We've seen a fair amount of High on Life to figure out its basic premise – a silent protagonist finds themselves on an alien world where you can use some of the inhabitants as weapons, each having their own voice and personality. And it's made by Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland, so it's supposed to be funny. Whether the game will actually be funny remains to be seen, but it seems that humour will permeate every aspect of it, including the Achievements.

In a recent interview with TrueAchievements, community lead Jordyn Halpern revealed that High on Life will feature some bizarre and funny ways to earn Achievements.

“While there are definitely the standard, expected achievements that will guide players through major in-game accomplishments, we’re Squanch Games, so of course you can expect a ton of bizarre and humour-driven achievements to pop up on the roster,” said Halpern. "Watch every screen and leave no corner unseen if you’re a completionist type! From the ground up, High On Life is Justin’s vision come to life. You’ll see the quintessential Justin Roiland humour woven into every possible part of this game, and achievements are no different.”

Speaking of Justin Roiland's humour, Halpern was also asked if developing a game is anything like making a Plumbus. “Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like," he replied. "No further details will be disclosed.”

If you're not one for side quests, but still want to see the end, High on Life is a rather short game. Squanch Games executive producer, Matty Studivan has told us that it should take "about eight-to-12 hours, depending on what type of gamer you are". Seems like something that can be completed over a dedicated weekend.

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