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Hideo Kojima Is Making A Watch With NASA, Rare Edition Comes With A Ludens Mask

Hideo Kojima has teamed up with NASA and Swedish watchmaker Anicorn to create a limited edition watch that will be packaged with a wearable Ludens mask. There’s also a limited-edition bag and a NASA and Kojima Productions-branded t-shirt up for grabs too.

We’ll start with the watch, which we’re told is called "Homo Ludens." The watch is largely silver with some gold detailing, a NASA stamp with a full explanation of the acronym on the face, and Kojima Productions’ motto, "From Sapiens to Ludens," engraved along the outer casing. The backplate will feature a serial number and the name of the product line, “Space Ludens.”

Judging by Anicorn’s site, you’ll have your choice of a leather or metal strap, depending on your personal preference.

As cool as that wristwatch is, what’s even cooler is the carbon fiber Ludens Mask that will be sold as part of the Rare Edition of Space Ludens. This mask "is a 1:1 life-size collectible that is actually wearable—Everyone of us is Ludens." It’s also "presented in a special box which contains a metal numbered plate with [an] individual number and a tailored booklet of the collaboration story. Additional special art handling gloves are included in the Rare Edition."

So it’ll be wearable, but you’ll want to wear it while using art handling gloves.

Space Ludens is the culmination of a two-year project between Anicorn and Kojima Productions. Both Kojima and Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa supervised the design process, which was largely inspired by the Kojima Productions mascot, Ludens. That’s the big astronaut slash Roman legionnaire-lookin’ dude who also happens to wear a carbon fiber skull mask underneath the glass. For extra protection, presumably.

Anicorn says that the ethos of Space Ludens is "the correlation of Time, Space and Homo Ludens" and "bringing fun into the unknown universe." To do that, they're also offering a limited edition "sacoche" (French for "bag") as well as T-shirts featuring the Kojima Productions and NASA logos in sizes M, L, and XL.

There will be 100 watch-and-mask Rare Edition combos for sale, 500 watches, 100 bags, and an unlimited number of T-shirts. Space Ludens goes on sale September 27 at 8 AM ET. Pricing wasn't announced, but don't expect any of it to be cheap.

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