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Here's How You Can Play Among Us In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Among Us has a pretty simple ruleset, so it’s not difficult to replicate it in other games. One Animal Crossing: New Horizons created a way to have their own murder mysteries play out in Nintendo’s small-town simulator.

Redditor micmartperez posted an image with their preferred ruleset. Crewmates must complete their tasks (collecting every type of fruit and returning to base) before Impostors kill them by hitting them with a tool. Here are a few other important rules:

  • Killed players must wear red shirts to show that they are no longer participating.
  • Emergency meetings can be called by returning to base and sending a message that says “EM.”
  • A single area must be set up as the meeting area before you start to play.
  • No communicating during the game except while in a meeting.

The fun part of Among Us is communicating, not the tasks or other gameplay mechanics. This New Horizons ruleset is a little janky, but it’ll get the job done in replicating how it feels to play InnerSloth’s surprise hit.

This is another game that players have made within Animal Crossing to give them more to do while playing together. Other players found a way to play soccer while one person turned their entire island into a Mario Party game board.

Among Us is continuing its wild streak of popularity by racking up 4 billion views on YouTube in September. Its popularity even pushed InnerSloth to cancel the sequel in order to update the existing game instead.

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