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Here’s How Fortnite Is Celebrating Star Wars For The Next Two Weeks

It’s May 3, which means tomorrow is May 4, which means that tomorrow is all about Star Wars. Because May 4 makes for a great play on of “May the Force be with you” by way of “May the 4th,” Disney and many other companies celebrate tomorrow as a Star Wars day, and the same goes for Fortnite. 

Like in years past, this year’s May the 4th celebration in Epic Games’ battle royale will bring lightsabers, stormtroopers, new cosmetics, and more to the game. However, the Star Wars celebration won’t encompass just tomorrow because Fortnite is keeping its Star Wars content in the game for two weeks until May 17. 

“Star Wars Day is going on in Fortnite, but not just May the 4th: Star Wars items from years past are unvaulted May 3 until May 17, 2022,” an Epic Games blog post reads. “Use these items in special Quests to unlock an Empire Banner. Also, every non-Battle Pass Star Wars Outfit that’s been in the Item Shop will return from a galaxy far, far away.” 



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