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Halo Infinite Players Now Get 1000XP For Playing Six Matches Per Day

343 Industries surprised Halo fans earlier this month by launching Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer. While the full game, minus Forge and co-op campaign, won't be here until December, even those who haven't pre-ordered a copy of Infinite have been able to get stuck into the action early. For the most part, feedback has been positive. Players do have one complaint, though. The game's battle pass progression.

Almost all of the XP available to players is linked to challenges. That dictates you play a certain way should you want to level up any faster than a snail's pace. Players have aired their grievances online, and 343 has already put the first steps in place to remedy Infinite's battle pass progression issues. Halo's community manager John Junyszek revealed the changes on Twitter, explaining players will now get more XP for their first six matches every day.

“We promised that we'd monitor the data and make additional changes if needed. Now, it's time to follow up on that,” Junyszek tweeted. Infinite players will now earn 300XP for completing their first match each day, 200XP for matches two and three, 100XP for matches four, five, and six, and then back down to the regular 50XP for match number seven and beyond.

This change means everyone who plays six matches in one day will level up their Battle Pass at least once since it takes 1000XP to level up. Far better than the 20 matches per day it has taken until now, providing you don't pick up XP from completing other challenges. Infinite players are calling for bigger changes to the Battle Pass than daily XP alone though, and Junyszek assures them this is just the start of what's to come on that front.

“We know many of you want even larger changes and we're committed to doing so, but those will take time,” Junyszek relayed in a follow-up tweet. In fairness, some of the other issues might be harder to tackle. The length of Infinite's first season, for example, and the rather lackluster rewards on offer considering its six months long. The customization options are extensive, which is great, but also somewhat confusing. Even seasoned gamers and hardened Halo fans are likely a little confused by it. Casual players and Halo newbies, of which there are likely quite a few, might well be completely lost.

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