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Halo Infinite Is Moving Away From The Infamous Armour Core System

Halo Infinite is moving away from its infamous core system after just one season.

Although it was generally very well-received at launch, there were quite a few things that players took issue with and wanted to see changed or removed. One of these complaints was the Armour Cores, earnable bases for armour that would then have specific coatings and accessories placed on them. This sounded good in theory, but essentially separated Cores from the rest of the armour in the game and made mixing and matching an impossibility.

During a community livestream dedicated to Infinite's second season, 343 Industries openly admitted to this system not working as intended, promising that it was moving away from it for good. Head of Design on Halo Infinite Jerry Hook said, "We really lost, incorrectly, the strength that Halo: Reach and Halo 3 brought to the franchise of allowing players to really mix and match everything. We knew we'd have some struggles there, but we didn't realise it'd be as bad as it was. So, we are looking to move away completely from the core system."

Hook continued, "What that means for Season 2 is, you'll start seeing specifically what I would call, in-canon cores… so if you earn a coating, it's usable across all of those cores, or if you earn a shoulder piece, it's usable across all of those cores… we're slowly trying to move everything to be more ubiquitous."

These "in-canon cores" are going to start appearing within Season 2, so it seems as if it won't be too long before the core system is a thing of the past. For those wondering about what's going to happen to the Samurai armour core, 343 said that it was developed with "fundamentally different structures" to the new cores. This means that it's likely going to be left along for some time until 343 figures out how to bring it back in line with the current system.

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