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Halo Infinite has spiltscreen co-op and Master Chief is only protagonist

Microsoft has revealed a few extra titbits about Halo Infinite but they still won’t say anything about whether it’s truly open world or not.

By now you’ve probably already seen the footage of Halo Infinite during the Xbox Games Showcase, which wouldn’t have taken long as it’s less than nine minutes in total.

As a result, there’s very little that was shown that hadn’t previously been announced or leaked, including Master Chief using a grappling hook and the game being open world (probably, Microsoft pointedly refused to use the phrase).

There was a journalist Q&A session after the Xbox Game Showcase but the developers were clearly under strict instructions not to say anything new and purposefully ignored more controversial questions, such as our ones about the obvious graphical pop-in and the nature of the open world environment.

The one interesting thing they did say though is that the game will definitely have splitscreen and co-op.

That’s no surprise given the developers made it very clear that the game is intended as a ‘love letter to Halo’ and intended to hit fans right in the nostalgia glands.

They even went as far as to describe the game as a ‘spiritual reboot’, even though the story follows on directly from Halo 5.

The only other information of any note was that the demo apparently takes place from around halfway through the campaign and that the head Banished guy is called Escharum.

They also seemed very keen to point out that Brutes can throw Grunts at you, just like the Moblin in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, and that, unlike Halo 5, Master Chief is the only protagonist in the story campaign.

Unlike Fable, we did at least get to see a bit of gameplay for Halo Infinite, but it left far more questions than answers and certainly wasn’t the graphical powerhouse that many will have been hoping for.

When we’ll see more of the game isn’t clear yet but there must surely be a multiplayer reveal coming up relatively soon.

Halo Infinite, and the Xbox Series X, will be released sometime before Christmas this year, probably November.


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